Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nobody is Safe Anymore!

It seems you can pretty much find anyone you're looking for......if you use technology!

Around six months ago, a bunch of my lovely life-long friends, whom I met in our first year of primary school, decided we should plan a 25 year reunion.  Twenty.......five......years.........  When you say it out loud, it seems impossible that it was that long ago we were all chasing each other around the playground, having play dates, and preparing ourselves for the big step to high school.  But alas, we are all turning 37 next year, so it must be true!

Given this task anytime prior to say 2000, and I don't know how you would tackle it?  How DID they put together school reunions before the computer age?  Before the internet?  Before Facebook?  Did they send a telegram? Hehehehe......

So far, one of my lovely friends has turned all P.I. and has found the majority of "lost souls" - aka those who are not on Facebook - by trawling through phone books, googling and generally leaving no stone un-turned in the pursuit of the elusive classmate.  It has paid off!  At last count, there were only five of our fellow Graduating Class of 1987 left to find!  Until today....

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Earlier this year, I did my own little Google search for one particular classmate.  She was a beautiful girl, and we were quite close friends through our formative years.  Sometime around Grade 5, she and her family set off on an adventure, sailing around the coast of Queensland.  We were pen pals over those few years, and it was always very exciting to receive an envelope in the mail from some far-off place I'd never heard of!  And although she returned to the Gold Coast (yep, I was one of the lucky ones who had the pleasure of growing up in sunshine) to resume her schooling, we sort of went our separate ways and formed our own friendship circles.  But I've never forgotten her.

So back to the google search.  I typed in her name, and not much came up.  The only thing I could even remotely connect her to, was a connection between her name and a Boating website.  So I took a punt, given the boating connection of sorts, and sent off an email to the address given on this site.  I explained we were searching for the woman named on their site, and if it was the same person I was hoping it was, if they could pass on the message.  Now I didn't hold much hope at all - the last activity on this website was years old, so any thoughts that I would ever receive a reply were minimal.

Fast forward to this morning...........whilst cruising one of my Facebook groups, a sewing library of all things, one of the ladies in there noted that a message I had not received from her could be in my "others" folder........Others folder??  What the?  One little click on message, and wa-la!  An Others folder!  And in this mysterious folder were 42 messages from all sorts of Facebook groups dating back months!  Whoops!  As I scrolled down, deleting as I went, I saw a message from a fellow I had never heard of - dated 23 June.  And as I clicked on it, this is what I read:

Hi Melissa

You didn't leave your email on the Boating contact so I Googled you which led me here. 

Yes, it's the same "Jane Doe"  you went to school with. You can contact her at


OMG!!!!!!  I was flabbergasted!  That this person had then gone to the trouble of googling me to reply!  It has seriously made my day.  But it has also led me to believe that really, nobody IS safe anymore!

The other good thing that has come out of today's discovery?  My gf - the P.I. - won't have to delve into any illegal people searching, as she was contemplating!

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