Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Stash - Away for a Rainy Day

A late night post, and late night photos, but I'm here!  I have a couple of prints in my stash that I have put away, for no reason other than I love them, and think I may need them to make something for my girls.

This divine unicorn print was from my second ever bulk fabric order.  It is from a range called "Pernilla's Journey" and is amazing.  I forgot I still had this yard, until yesterday when I found they had released more of the range.  So I have bought more to make some goodies to sell!

I made a tonne of capelets this Winter from these gorgeous Red Riding Hood prints.  When I worked out I only had a yard or so left, I stopped taking orders, basically because I didn't want to not have any left to make something for Chloe!  It's still sitting on the shelf!

I just received these two prints last week!  I'm taking part in a Jennifer Paganelli  showcase in January, and after I signed up I went searching for something that not only jumped out at me, but also was not from a new range.  They are from her "So St Croix" range and are a much nicer colour in good light!

And in the same order as the JPag prints, came this beautiful "Fresh Cut" Heather Bailey print.  I bought two yards of this to make binding for my first "real quilt".  And not knowing how much I would need, I now have over a yard left!  Yay me!  I will have photos of the finished quilt later this week.

So these are just a few more of the fabrics now residing in my shelves.

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Do you hide away fabric sometimes, just in case?


  1. Ooohh, love those fabrics!! They are all just my style :) And yes, I do hide fabric away, just in case (a bit too often, actually!!)

  2. Yes I do it too! I have a stash of Aneela Hooey prints and have yet to make a quilt from any of them. It is on my 'to do' List but then she brings out a new line that is cuter than the last! I love your selection and I have not seen any of the other prints before.


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