Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday Night Boogie.......on a Sunday! M.C.'s Choice.

Little White Dove

The husband and I went out last night......which is a whole different post entirely.....and I didn't get around to sorting my music in time!  I did a whole lot of music purchasing for one of the delightful residents I care for in my day job, and had a little giggle yesterday whilst sewing and shuffling iTunes when a few of his songs randomly came on.  So without any further delay - here are my music picks for this week!

This gorgeous song is M.C.'s all time favourite.  His Mum used to sing it to him!

Forgot how much I love this song until yesterday.  Sung it loud and proud!

Nearly wet my pants when this one came on!  Can't say I have ever, ever owned an ABBA tune!

Not your finest hour Kyles....

Another song you don't really expect to pop up!  Yothu Yindi really did bring it back then!

So that's it!  Some of the tunes that have inadvertently made it on to my itunes playlist.

Do you ever have random tunes pop up unexpectantly??

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