Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Stash - Sharing Shipping

One of the great things about being a part of an online community, is finding like-minded people, who you know are just as fabric obsessed as you.  After the QCA Melbourne meet up, I found some new friends within reasonable proximity to me.  And a couple of weeks ago, as I was scrolling through my FB, I saw one of those lovely ladies, Moira, was considering making a purchase from my favourite online store - The Intrepid Thread.  I knew there was a sale on, and I knew they stocked Cleo, so I mentioned to Moira that if she did in fact place an order, and needed to fill an envelope, I could throw some fabric in and split the shipping.  30 minutes later, we had a full envelope and the deal was done!  Friday morning, whilst I was at work, my Mother In Law messaged me to say a package had arrived.  I had to wait ALL day to get home and rip it open!

This is my part of the full envelope we got.....

A gorgeous fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink's Acacia in Berry.  These prints are just divine!!!  I have no idea what I'll use them for, but you can never pass up some Tula!

And four yards of Cleo.  This will make up most of the quilt backing for my Cleo quilt I've been working on.  Kind of makes sense design wise!

I've got another fabric order on its way, somewhere over the ocean.  It was another case of "fill the shipping package", and I managed it again without breaking a sweat!  Hopefully I will have that stash addition for you next Sunday!  

Do you ever share shipping with others?

I'm linking up with Sunday Stash - being hosted by Sew E.T. this week - You can too!

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  1. I wanted to place an order yesterday but baulked when the shipping cost was just as much as the fabric! Hmm time to find some fabric besties here in Perth :)


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