Monday, June 16, 2014

Catching Up - Block by Block

With all the quilt finishing I have achieved, I have been lacking a little on the bee block side of life!  I did however catch up the week before last.....

QCA Bee #5 - For Rachael.  Her request was for more "sombre" fabrics, but with sparkle?!  I was a little flustered, because A. I don't subscribe to sombre and B. Sparkle with sombre???  Anywho, as usual, my quilty friends came to the rescue and reminded me there were some Botanics prints with sparkle.  And I think the dark green in the range is as sombre as I can get!  I actually quite like the final result.

Another Mondrian block for Kathryn.  She requested the same block last year, so I'm thinking she has one big quilt on her horizon!

And this delightful little circle of geese is for the equally as delightful Gina!  G gave us links to her Colour Inspiration Pinterest board and another with arrows!  I LOVED her colour scheme, and had a wonderful time pulling fabrics.  I'm a little bummed that the third Coral print looks more like the pale pink, but am happy overall with the block.

And last but not least, June's Aurifil Designer of the Month block. I'm loving putting all my Terrain fabrics together for this BOM, and am on the countdown now that I have half the blocks done!  I would show you a photo of all six blocks together, but then I'd have to kill you the photos I took are shocking and now it's too dark to take more!  So you'll all have to hold your breath until July!

That's it for tonight - I'm linking up - You can too!

stitch by stitch


  1. Great Bee blocks! I only have to finish 3/4 of a geese in a circle for my bees, then I am finished too :)

  2. love your blocks, but what is sombre? never heard of this word before, just know ombre
    oh is sombre, ombre with your sparkle lol
    sorry hard for not native speakers

  3. beautiful blocks Midge!!! the circle of geese is my favorite ;) and the colors are perfect!!!

  4. great blocks! love the Terrain fabrics!!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. I like your new header! All of these bee blocks look great.


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