Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Stash - Incidentals.....

Some additions to the stash, I think, can just be written off as "incidentals".  Or "accidentals".  Here's a couple I think you will understand.....

Ohmyfeckinggod!!!! #bestmaildayever #bestquiltyfriendsever thank you thank you thank you @quiltjane xxxx

I didn't plan on gaining this UH-mazing bundle of Nightshade....but hey.  I just happened to be chatting to my lurvely friend Jane - aka Quilt Jane - on FB one night, discussing her super fabulous Nested Churn Dash block.  Which lead to a discussion on Tula Pink........which lead to me saying I had been been trying to get my hands on some Nightshade.......and next thing I know - I've bought myself some!  Soooooo lucky to have such wonderful quilty friends!

I only went to the shop to get a new fmq foot....... whoops! Hoping this is going to make things easier when quilting? !

And ummmmmm, this really was an accidental purchase!  I went to the sewing shop to get myself a better FMQ foot - and knowing it was the last day of the Bernina sale, I sort of started looking in all sorts of directions once I got in there.  And then sort of asked whether they had any of the extension tables.  And then bought one.

I am looking forward to many many hours of joy bonding with this perspex beauty.  And hoping it will help me gain my confidence back so I can free motion bigger quilts again!

Whilst I have your attention - Just a little reminder that the Modern Medallion Quilt Along has officially kicked off today!  Stay tuned for lots of updates on my progress, and next week will be my stop on the blog hop!  Go and check out Crystal's post today!

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  1. On one side I'm happy that you found Nightshade and it makes you so happy... On the other, what's the appeal? Do you have a project in mind?

  2. WOW On the nightshade. Impossible to get. I could have gotten those cameos for $3.50/yd a couple years ago in an online clearance sale, and I just didn't and I have always kicked myself for it.

  3. That's so fun! I'm happy for your incidental necessaries :)

  4. Those will make some fun fussy-cuts!


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