Sunday, April 11, 2010


This afternoon whilst sitting at work, I caught a glimpse of a book in the tray of a co-worker - "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". I picked it up, and began reading the first couple of pages, and it has me hook, line and sinker.
I have had what I guess you would call a tumultuous past few weeks, and this book is making so much sense of so many things I have been truly struggling with. Funnily enough, I have on many occasions over the years used the title of this book when trying to make others feel better about their own issues - but have never truly taken it on board myself.
I will now be the first to admit - I DO sweat the small stuff! I don't do it on purpose, in fact, whilst I'm sweating about the small stuff, I am telling myself to stop! I think the majority of us worry about the "little things" going on in our lives, when really, we should be focusing more on the great things happening around us.
I have been naughty and read 36 pages of the book, when I should be working. But it has me wanting more and I am considering asking my co-worker if I can borrow the book for the week so I can finish it! The fact that I have not read a book - and by book, I mean something other than a children's book - for quite a few years, but am drawn to wanting to read this one, has to say something?
This little gem is made up of 100 short but sweet chapters revolving around the stated title. And I'm pleased to say that first thing tomorrow, it's off to the book store for me, so I can buy myself a copy and continue with my read!
So the quote for today? "Don't sweat the small stuff"- seriously, don't!


  1. Yes! This is a good book and another is "Who moved my Cheese"

    I did a philosophy course for about 3 yrs and we studied many aspects of human nature, the one thing that was central to the course was that everyone has a limited amount of emotional energy and in general we apply this energy to things that were beyond our control such as being stuck in traffic, a computer not working and so on, so by the time we reach the end of the day we are emotionally drained for our loved ones. So we strived to apply very little emotion or no emotion to things which are beyond our control (including my ex partners behaviour) and looked to really caring about the things that matter.
    As a practical example of this our tutor told us once there is no such thing as a boring job!! Of course this set the class off listing jobs that were really boring, but he kept countering with people who loved doing those jobs. So the job themselves were not boring, we applied emotion to them by winging, complaining and so forth, the emotion we attached to them making them boring to us, so if we changed our attitude we could save that emotion for the good stuff and be much calmer in life. I try to practise everyday, with varying successful.

    Still love visiting your site for a glimpse of the other half of humanity now and then. Keep up the postings and your beautiful writing.

  2. Wow Larry! Thank you so much for commenting on my post! I find it really heart warming that someone takes the time to not only read my blog, but to give me some feedback - and really interesting feedback at that. You are so correct about the way we direct our energy. I am trying so very hard to re-direct mine! Thanks again!


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