Friday, April 2, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes #2

I told you I would have follow up editions to this title! My darling 6 year old daughter had her second sleepover here this week. And it couldn't have gone any better! Apart from the fact her friend staying shares the same name as her baby sister - making it rather confusing every time I called for either of them, the girls had a blast! Andrew and i giggled our way through the evening listening to the two girls belting out Miley Cyrus songs and strange american accents streaming from the bedroom - which upon further investigation, was their impersonation of what their Bratz dolls sound like!
So after a few hours of playing and a trip to the in-law's for dinner, we returned home where I told them they could read books for ten minutes....when I went back to tuck them in, Chelsea tells me her book is about fairies, and her friend was allowed to read it, because she believed in fairies. I nodded my head in agreement and commented I believed in fairies also. To which little friend pipes up "And my Dad believes in farts" took me all my time not to burst in to fits of laughter! I love, love, love the banter of children!
So that little pearl of wisdom is my quote for today.....when all else fails, and you are grasping for something - anything to really believe in, think of basic human bodily functions!
Have a great evening...

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