Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello hello! I just popped in to Blog world to check out what Mrs Woog had been up to today, and thought I'd meander over here to tell you I had taken a Leap......of faith!

After months of "Yes I will, No I won't" talk to myself, I finally made a substantially biggish purchase on Etsy today....of fabric. I have bought a whole collection of fabric, in the hope - NO, I will - that I will create a beautiful little "mini collection" of little girl's clothing. I have been heading towards this since the start of the year, but was always too scared that I wasn't good enough at the craft of sewing. However a week or so ago, I took a deep breath, got some patterns and fabric, and begun sewing some little frocks - and LOVE them! And it seems I'm not the only one! I sold FOUR, yes 4!!!!!, in one day!!! So I thought, why the hell not?

I hope you like the sneak peek?

I have to say though, as I was deciding to take the leap, I was wandering through FB, and came upon a lovely page that I "like"- Georgie Girl. Beautiful, divine little girl's wear, and in super hot demand. But what I read on there gave me a furrow in my brow. It seems one of her likers out there in FB world had bought one of her products, pulled it apart and alledgedly spoke not so nicely about it on a "FB group". This then caused an uproar on her page and all preverbial hell broke lose with all sorts of accusations flying!! So I now need to figure out a way of protecting myself - so to speak! There's quite a bit of "agro" in the FB page world, and it's something I just don't like. I had a woman comment on my beautiful brand new labels when I posted a photo of them. There was probably no harm meant by her comment - but I had to bite my tongue before I replied to her, and try and be professional! And then I had other likers of my page messaging me, to tell me how infuriated they were! Oh, the joy!

Anyway, that's my exciting news for today! Now I just have to sit tight for the possible two weeks wait I have ahead of me before I get my hot little hands on this beautiful fabric!

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