Friday, July 15, 2011

How I like to be "Right".....aka - the joy of proving others wrong.

Today was yet another day I felt the joy of proving ex-husband wrong. Or more importantly - proving I was right. As I write that sentence I feel bad because it means that my eldest son has to have a medical procedure as well as see a bloody podiatrist and physiotherapist....more therapy in our household.

You see, this week, ex-husband's delusion of grandeur was him thinking he was a Doctor. I made an appointment for before mentioned son a few weeks ago, to check up on some weird looking moles and get his feet checked as he was having some issues. Son decided he didn't want to take time out from his school holidays - "I have plans Mum" - and tried to convince me, over Facebook chat, that "Dad looked at my moles and said they looked fine, and my foot too". Ummmmmm, sorry, last time I checked your Father sprayed furniture and kitchens for a living?? Closely followed by - last time I checked, I was your Mother and that trumps your "plans"!!!!

So this morning's scheduled appointment went ahead with no further whinging, until the Doctor declares he has flat feet and needs to see a Podiatrist and Physio.....followed by, "yep, that mole looks a bit dodgy, need to have it removed". Fabulous! So although I was a little concerned with son's abhorrence at having to have a needle and a small piece of skin gouged out, I was just a tad bit satisfied that I could now pass on this information to his Father - therefore confirming that he is not in fact, a Doctor.

But before I did that, I had to pull Son aside and give him a stern talking to, because anyone would have thought he had just been told his legs were going to be cut off! Looks of amusement from a couple of passers-by as I told him "Stop being a bloody drama queen....I gave birth to you four, how much do you think that hurt???"

So, just another day in my life as a Mother. Will be sure to have an interesting post for you after the actual appointment to have said mole removed. I have enlisted the troops - aka My Mother. She will be more likely not to be annoyed and frustrated by son's drama queen impersonation.....

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