Monday, July 11, 2011

So many ideas!

A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I had taken up sewing (again). My little "business" has been cruising along nicely, it doesn't take up too much of my time, and I get the odd order here and there, which realistically is paying for my habit! My habit being: fabric purchasing. My Mother warned me only a matter of weeks ago that I would get addicted to fabrics, and would end up with a stash in my shelves. I truly did not believe her. Until now...

I have a plethera of ideas running through my head, but I really can't decide on one specific direction to take. At present, I am making everything from library bags and art smocks to heat packs and bunting. But what I think I would really like to do, is make little girls clothes. So I have started researching. I don't want to make crappy clothes using crappy fabric. I want to make quality garments with top end fabrics. Only problem? I can't figure out where to buy said fabrics for a wholesale price.

Why do I want to head this way? Well, in my many hours of Facebook fabric store researching, I have come across quite a few business who specialise in making little girls clothing. And it floors me how much people will pay for some of these items, and how "in demand" these items are! I have been procrastinating jumping on the bandwagon, but after a conversation with one of my lovely work colleagues yesterday, I think it's time I JUMP.

So now that I have "verbalised" the above to the blogosphere, I shall endeavour to continue researching until I find what I'm looking for, and then throw all of my energy in to it! Here goes......

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