Monday, November 7, 2011

A Sanitary Post......Curious?

Firstly - a disclaimer - I can't take any responsibility for making any men squirm when they read this post!

This afternoon I was enlightened.....Whilst catching up on people's posts in a Facebook sewing group I am a part of, I came across this post:

"I want to make some cloth panty liners but my normal cloth pads slip around and I find myself "adjusting" the pad all the time.  I need a fabric that is going to stop the pad from slipping around.  Does anyone have any fabric suggestions?"

I actually had to re-read it a few times to make sure I understood exactly what they were talking about.  Re-usable sanitary pads?  Really?  This is something I had only heard about from my Mum's era.  I was intrigued!

So I read on, and was amazed at how many women actually use them!  And there are thriving businesses out there who make and supply them!  I actually felt right out of the loop, considering I have not had to wander the supermarket aisle that supplies the disposable version since my ovaries lost their home base.  I may have been naive in thinking that all women just moved swiftly through aisle number 7 (or whatever aisle they happen to be in) grabbing a couple of boxes of whatever works for them!

I'm all for personal choice, environmental factors and really, generally just people who make choices for themselves, but now I'm really curious.......does anyone reading this use the environmentally friendly version of sanitary products?  And why do you use them?  Just for curiosity's sake!


  1. I have a medical condition so apart from after giving birth I don't tend to need them but I remember being horrified by my first real boyfriend's mother offering me her sea sponges to use at tampons. Uhuh. Your ordinary every day sea sponges... I was pretty young and being diagnosed with my condition had no idea what to say! Thanks for the offer? Lol. I'm glad she was an environmentally friendly person but there was just no way...

  2. Oh Lord Kristine! Well, the conversation has gone even more in depth.....and yes, there are crocheted, re-usable tampons out there! Hmmmm......


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