Saturday, November 5, 2011

Progress is being made....

Ooh, ooh!  Just wanted to share......with anyone who could care.....I have been attempting to make my first ever quilt!  It is for a very special little newborn girl in London - Ms Sadie.  Her Mummy told me she loved greens and pinks - so I searched and came up with Riley Blake's Sugar & Spice!  And I have just sewn all of the HAND CUT (nope, no rotary cutter in this house - yet!) 12cm squares all sewn together!  I'm quite proud of myself, as it seems to be quite "square".  Only one mistake so far - one little square the wrong way around....oh well!

I've got some lovely white flannelette for the backing as well as some beautiful cotton batting!  I'm not really sure what I should be doing next, so will have to refer to Google!  Or if any of you lovely readers are crafty/quilters, feel free to share!


  1. It's gorgeous!!! I would frame it with strips of the simple pink material then use the green paisley as the binding! And usually a quilter makes one imperfection as a sort of signature so I wouldn't go worrying about that piece!

  2. Thanks Kristine! I'll have to remember to make an imperfection in my next one lol

  3. Oh, that's exciting! If you mix up one block--that's nothing! I routinely sew an entire row on upside down:)

    When you layer your backing and batting, tape down the backing with painter's tape. I didn't learn this trick until I was about 5 quilts--and a lot of frustration-in. You can use Scotch tape, too, but it doesn't come off the fabric as easily. This way you can smooth out the backing and make it kind of taut to avoid wrinkles or tucks when you quilt it. Then layer down the batting and top. Then pin. Voila...basted for quilting! Good luck!

  4. Fabulous! Thanks for the tip Jamie Lee!

  5. I was basting a tablerunner yesterday and thought of this, too:
    You might want to make a faux binding on your first quilt. Leave the backing bigger and then fold it over. Jaybird Quilts has a good tutorial. If you want to do real binding, I like to machine attach mine (no hand stitching to the back) and I have followed the Plaid Scottie's method with the zig zag stitch with great success. You should check out each method before you baste it so you can cut the backing accordingly.

    Glad you had fun the other night--moms need a night out sometimes!!! I understand what you mean about drinking. Whenever I do drink, my mind always thinks, "What if one of my kids needs to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night?...I don't want to be the drunk mom at the ER!" :)


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