Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What lengths would you go to.....

.....To get a brand of clothing?  Really, this is a serious question.  I ask this because I have just read on the page of an extremely popular brand of little girl's clothing, that "fans" of this brand will go as far as paying for flights from interstate, to attend a market, in the hope of picking up these items!  And I'm shocked.

I am guessing that this now confirms that I am not a "brand snob"?  I have never been overly worried about where I have bought my clothes from, nor my children's.  It still irks me, even after ten years of being together, that my husband prefers to wear branded clothing - whether it be sports socks or t-shirts.  And what is irking me even more, is that I now have a teenage boy who is becoming more and more aware of the so-called "importance" of wearing or owning branded items.  Don't get me wrong - I understand the pressure kids are under to feel like they fit in, and are not looked upon as "dorks" lol.  So we were lucky to go to a huge warehouse sale for a surf/skate brand earlier this year, where we got almost $1500 worth of clothing etc for the whole family for around $250!  Can't look a gift-horse in the mouth.....

So, what's your take on this?  How far would you go?


  1. I'm a little scared for my safety if there are upset and disappointed ppl at those markets, so thats why im not going. some ladies can be terribly horrible online, what would they be like in person?? poor Tina xx

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing "Anon". I would hate to be in that position.

  3. I would not go to those lengths: a designer either has stock for me to place my order in a way that suits my lifestyle or they don't. For me no item or brand name is worth getting that much caught up in. Standing in line for my turn at a local market or shop... yes; but interstate flights to see IF they have an item for me, never.

  4. Never! I order most things online because I hate going to the stores. My kids are little, but I don't dress them in anything with a brand on it and my husband and I don't wear stuff like that either. I figure if Hollister wants me to advertise for them, they can pay me to wear their name on my chest:)

    Now, standing in line for fabric is a different thing:)


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