Monday, December 26, 2011

'Tis The Season to be.........

De-lousing......Yep, most people get to relax at the end of the school year.  Not here.  Nope, my lovely children decided my pre and post Christmas gift would be heads full of nits!  

It all started last Wednesday night when I went to wash Miss 8's hair....and she uttered those dreaded words - "Mum, my head has been itchy".............. I felt like running......but instead - got the biggest bottle of conditioner I could find, along with our handy dandy notebook nit comb, and spent the following 30 minutes combing, combing, combing.  A roll full of paper towel and a bath full of cold water and blue daughter later - no more nits.  Well so I thought.....

Following morning when Miss 3 woke up, I marched her to the bathroom......went through the same dreaded routine as the night prior, and was horrified to see that those disgusting little bastards had been breeding like rabbits in her mop of curls.  I was literally crying.  You see, you'd think someone would be going bat-shit if they had a head full wouldn't you?  Apparently not.

Three days later...and copius amounts of conditioner and red raw scalps - the girls got the all clear.  

Want to be repulsed?  Google images of head lice.......Urghhhhhh!

End of story?  Nope.....

Wonderful two days of Christmas cheer, fa-la-la-la-lahhhhhh.......Enter Master 7.  And the worst head full I have ever, ever seen.  Right......on.....queue.....ten minutes before I was due to leave for work.  More tears, horror and grossed out looks whilst the all too familiar routine was conducted.  "Surely your head has been itchy mate?"......."Nah Mum".  Great.  

So this morning's activities were all put on hold (read: I was late to work, Hubby was sent to shopping centre chemist - on Boxing Day bhahahahahaha), and sister-in-law arrived just in time to be told she would be finishing off de-lousing child whilst I went to work and Husband went to the cricket.  Such great parents.

Sooooooo........after spending almost a week combing hair, this evening has topped off the week with a huge dose of de-lousing treatment for the whole family!  The couple of times my eldest daughter has had them, I have been able to nip it in the butt just with conditioner and our super duper comb (it's about $18 from the chemist and squashes eggs and lice on its way through the follicles - tasty).  But this crop of decrepit little fockers needed some chemicals involved.

I know I'm not the only poor Mummy(or dare I say Daddy?) who has had to deal with the revolting sight of bugs in kids does everyone else deal with them???

Ps. Happy holidays!


  1. Ugh... horrifying. The one time my daughter got them It literally took me a month to get all of the eggs out of her hair. I am sure they were dead from the three chemical treatments but I wasn't satisfied until they were all gone... well it felt like a month but was probably more like a week and a half :)

  2. Jewel - It's like a never ending story!!! lol


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