Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year That Was...

As I'm madly thinking of everything we I need to pack for all six of us to jump on a jet plane tomorrow, I wisely thought I should sit down and reflect on 2011.  So, here are some highlights......

*  I muddled through a very tough situation with the ex-husband.  I managed to come to a peaceful resolution in terms of where my eldest son wanted to spend his time, and how he wanted to spend it, and was very relieved that I was savvy enough to do all of the legal paperwork myself and save thousands of dollars.  It was worth the stress - as we now have a very settled, happy and content 13 year old boy.

*  Five new babies were brought in to the world, through my very close circle of friends.  I have been lucky enough to spend time with them and come to grips with the fact that I will never bare any more children myself!  This is something I NEVER thought I would be at peace with......but I am more than happy to hand the little bundles of joy back now!  I get to meet the fifth baby tomorrow, when my god-daughter to be and I lay eyes on each other for the first time - can't wait.

*  This time last year I was still very much struggling with the loss of what I thought was a very important friendship.  I am happy to say that 2011 has brought me so much on the friendship front!  Women whom I knew and liked, from an acquaintance point of view, have now become much nearer and dearer, and I look forward to our friendships getting stronger and the laughs continuing.  I have also "almost" found closure with before-mentioned friend, and have realised how absolutely blessed I am to have the amazing long-term friendships I treasure.

*  I have watched my "little boy" aka 13 year old, develop and blossom in to a teenager.  I know it's only early days, but gee I'm proud!  His first year of high school has been trying, but he has done so well.  He still drives me bonkers, but I really do like him!!

*  We had a Japanese exchange student stay with us for two weeks......and managed not to kill him!  It was a super hard lesson in communication - but it paid off for all seven of us.  The kids learnt patience, and this painfully shy and quiet Japanese boy found his voice, and showed us his personality.  Memories that will last a lifetime!

*  My youngest son went the full circle this year - at the beginning, we were worried, really worried.  He was struggling to settle in to Grade one, and his behaviour was hideous.  Through lots of meetings with his wonderful teacher and the help of a child psychologist (aka The Worry Doctor), by the third term, he was a different child.  So very proud of how far he has come in all areas of his development.

*  My husband, my amazing rock, has scored himself THE MOST amazing job!  This opportunity will surely open so many doors for us, that we dare not close them.  I am looking forward to growing as a couple, and as a family.  Today, as it happens, is our eighth wedding anniversary, so the perfect time to shout to the world - I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

*  And last but not least - I've managed to grow my little business.  What started out being a little hobby to earn some extra dollars before Christmas last year, has now built into something I certainly had never ever dreamt of!  Ms Midge is very dear to me, and I have absolutely no vision of what I would like it to be in the coming year.  What I do want, is to continue to watch it grow.  Continue to be stunned by the amazing words of "strangers", now customers, who love what I do - and are paying me to do it!  I have loved every single moment that has passed through my sewing machine.  I have wrapped the orders lovingly, posting them to all sorts of destinations over this country of ours, and am thrilled to think that there are little ones out there wearing something that I have made!  It's a privilege.

I would also like to take a second to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Thank you to each and every one of you who has stopped on my bloggy page.  Although you don't all comment, I can tell you've been here!  For all of you who do take the time to leave me a comment - Thank You.  Your words are like gold!

My beautiful Melbourne - fireworks on NYE.

Have a safe and most of all FUN New Year's Eve!  I will most likely not have time to check in here for the next 8 days.......I will either be too exhausted from all the theme park hopping on the Gold Coast, and the ghastly fact that the sun rises oh so much earlier there!  Wish me luck. xxx

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