Saturday, December 3, 2011

What I did today...

It may not look very interesting to some....but I have been run off my feet these last few weeks - sewing orders for others.  So today, I finally got around to making some Christmas presents!  It was the first time I had ever made crayon rolls (or pencil rolls when you can't find the right size crayons!).  To say I was impressed with myself would be an understatement!  You can find the tutorial I used here. 

The other gorgeous numbers in the photo are notebook covers.  I tried with a different tutorial last week, and completely failed. So took a deep breath this morning and plunged head-first in to this one.  It was really fiddly at first.  But once I wrapped my head around the instructions, it all clicked and worked out fabulously!!  Once again, great Christmas gifts.  My primary school aged children will have them to give to their teachers, and I have made a couple for family and work mates.  I am hoping they love them!

Today is most of all proof that even if you really hate what you think is going to be fiddly and tricky stuff - give it a go.  You may just surprise yourself!

Now - what's next?

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