Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Husband Love

Still school holidays here.  And Winter has struck.....which in turn means everyone will inevitably get cabin fever.  My darling husband came up with the idea of taking the kids ALL THE WAY over the other side of the city to visit him at his new work place, and go out for lunch.  So, seeing as though there were only two available days left to do this, yesterday, I packed the kids up (and if we weren't meeting him for lunch, we would have needed to pack one) and prepared them for the trip - To visit Daddy!

Forty-five minutes of mind-numbing freeway later, and ending up in the middle of no-frickin-where, we arrived at his work.  He really was not joking when he told me he worked in the middle of a paddock!  You are probably wondering what on earth he does for a job?  Or couldn't care less? He's in logistics.  

Logistics - the storing and moving of shit from one place to another.

He runs a whole big mother-trucking warehouse where said logistics take place.  He's the Boss.  The head honcho. The big cheese.....

Anyway.  I digress.  The visit was successful.  The kids surely think the warehouse is a gigantic version of hide and seek, and are impressed that Dad has his own kick-ass office, where he gets to boss people around all day.  They left him something to remember their visit.....

The main point of this post, cos I know you're wondering, is to profess my gratefulness to thy husband.  Although he has always worked a fair drive from home (he actually drives that freeway in peak hour both ways!), it was not until yesterday that I fully appreciated just how much time he spends commuting.  To make a living.  For us.

On occasion, I have been known to bitch chat about how much I do for the family.  All the running around, the cooking, cleaning, washing, washing and washing, as well as my own part time job.  And as much as it irks me at times, I would not change a damn thing.  

Tonight, I'm sending out some special Husband Love.  Thank you dear husband for sucking it up each and every day, and getting the job done! Bravo!

Have you ever taken the time to thank your other half for all they do?  Or are you the other half and do you ever get thanks?

Disclaimer...........Don't get me wrong - I'll still tell him he should bow down to me for everything I do - maybe just not so often....


  1. I enjoyed your post! My husband, too, works long hours and that means I can stay home with the kids and we can pretty much do whatever we want, thanks to him. I'm going to send him some love *wink wink* too:)

  2. Me too! My husband (we call him The Provider!) works very hard to keep our family going too. He has his own business and I do the books, which means I can be here for the kids and keep the home fires burning, so to speak!

    It's not always perfect, but we do the best we can!

    1. I like that - It's not perfect, but we do the best we can! x


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