Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So much

So much going on in my little world at present.  I don't even know where to begin.  But I'll make a start....

It's school holidays.  Half way through the first week, and I've confirmed that starting on some sort of medication for my sanity is a very good idea.  Enough said on that.....for now.

I worked my first full 3 day weekend last week, probably since the start of the year.  It was not easy.  Though, it was not hard.  I am continually torn as to how to juggle my employment around my family.  February and March were made MUCH easier for me.  I used a whole lot of annual leave which meant I had nearly every Friday and Saturday off.  Which meant I had no children home on Fridays, and I didn't miss anyone's sporting events on Saturdays.  I could breath.

My little business has picked up speed again.  After Christmas and the New Year, I wondered whether the momentum it had gained prior, would ever happen again.  It seems it will.  And is.  It makes me smile.  But it also makes me very busy.  Well, busier than the very busy I was before....

My little family (or rather large family to some) has some very exciting things unfolding.  It's been killing me to mostly keep it to myself.  And I have been a little cryptic on my FB page, leading to some private messages questioning my cryptic updates!  But I don't want to spill until all is set in stone.  Let's just say life is looking very good.  I often wonder how life keeps getting better?  When I think things are perfect, they just get perfecter (I know that's not a word, but it's fitting!).

Anyway, that's just some of it.  And even as I sit here typing about what's going on in my world, I'm still thinking about Eden, and the amazing journey she is embarking on at present.  I just read the latest post HERE.  And am feeling guilty about the little rumble in my tummy, and my want to get up and find something to quieten it.  Eden's ability to get on a plane (well, many planes) to travel halfway across the world, to raise awareness of a HUGE unfolding crisis has me thinking.  Thinking that I have been slack in my ability to make a difference.  At least once every year, I state I am going to sponsor a child.  And still, in 2012, I have yet to follow through.  I am committed this time round.  And will follow through.  And I am now accountable to you all!  I promise I will have the proof.  Thank you Eden. xxx

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  1. Oooh, you've got us all curious now! Look forward to finding out your exciting news. And I hope your life keep on becoming more and more Perfect-er :) Yes, Eden's posts are amazing. Her presence and voice in Africa will no doubt help bring awareness and hopefully change lives for the better. She is an amazing blogger and one who makes you want to Do Things. Take care, and I hope you enjoy a lovely Easter break with your family x


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