Monday, April 30, 2012

Tree Change?

 I have just spent the weekend in a beautiful part of our country - Myrtleford.  Ok, I had to spend eight hours in the car to get there and back, but gees - it was worth it.  Just as we were heading in to this lovely little town, I decided I should get out my iPhone and start snapping some pictures.  The Autumn leaves reminded me of the trip I made as a teenager from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, and how stunned I was to see REAL LIFE Autumn leaves for the first time!  Queenslander's may have beautiful weather, but they miss out on one of nature's glorious shows.

Please don't judge me on the squashed bugs, as these were obviously taken through the car windscreen!

Whoops....these are my travelling jeans getting in the picture!

Why did we spend four hours in the car on this beautiful day I hear you ask?  Well, it was one of my dearest friend's 40th birthday party - so it was a Road Trip!  Danni had spoken of the beauty of her new little town, and how much she loved it.  To be perfectly honest, I think we were all astonished that our uber-fashionable friend, who was most at home in her Sass & Bide, would be content with her "Tree Change", but after seeing her gorgeous new home and the amazing surrounds, I can sort of understand.

Driving in to her street....

The little piggy pen

So freakin cute!

Amazing backyard view!

The Little House on the Prairie
You can sort of understand too now?
When the invitation came through for the big bash, I looked at the list of accommodation in town, and got straight on to and booked this darling pad - The Old Dairy.

Located on the main street, this converted dairy building is now a beautifully decorated three bedroom abode.  Perfect for the five of us who had shacked up together.

Divine little courtyard that caught the sunshine perfectly at dusk.


And just for laughs....the ceiling fan that does not require blades.....interesting.

Conveniently positioned bakery across the road - great coffee I've been told!  Another random fact about me - I don't drink coffee!

Me & My Gal Pals!

So - that is Myrtleford!  We will definitely be back - but next time it will be with the tribe, and we'll go exploring in them there hills!  We won't be making a tree change anytime soon......but in exciting news - we had our home loan approved last week!  And we have a house lined up!  And now the hard work begins - renovations!

Would you, could you make a Tree Change?  Or are you more of a Sea Changer??


  1. I have always been a coast girl. Even when we packed up and moved away from our families we still stuck to the coast just in a much smaller scale. However since camping in the mountains at Easter I would most definitely consider a Tree Change if we were to relocate again x Renee

    1. You are a brave woman! We are only moving one suburb away and it's giving me a conniption! lol

  2. Being a Queenslander I know exactly what you mean about the lack of Autumn in our parts. I went to the Dandenongs one Autumn and they really know how to put on a show. Myrtleford looks beautiful. And that Dairy - so cute!

    1. Char we live a couple of suburbs from the Dandenongs, but will be moving right to the bottom of them! It's a divine part of the world!

  3. We have made a tree change. Best thing we could ever have done. Like you, I don't drink coffee either, I'm allergic:P

    1. Allergic!?! Maybe I shall use that in future so people don't look at me strangely when I say that I'm just Not that into it?? lol

  4. looks so nice but I couldn't do it either!

    p.s i've never tasted coffee :P


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