Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The One Where Parental Guilt Got The Better Of Me!

Approximately 26 hours ago, Andrew and I had a conversation with the kids about Halloween.  About how they would not be going trick or treating.  About how we didn't believe in Halloween.

At precisely 4.05pm today, as I got out of the car after a day at work, I was met excitedly by Chelsea and Cadyn who could not tell me quick enough how their friends' Mum was taking their friend trick or treating, and they were invited, and they really really really wanted to go, and it was life or death, and.....well you get the idea?

As I dragged my tired arse inside, along with Chloe's tired - I've been at creche all day - arse, I repeatedly said we had told them no last night.  In amidst all of the excitement, Chloe miraculously woke up and was all of a sudden raring to go.  I told the kids they'd put me in a really crappy situation, because I would look like a mean Mummy if I said no.  They concurred.....

So at precisely 4.25pm I had three even more excited kids throwing on costumes and their silly sucked in Mum using the green eyeshadow I didn't even know I owned to make them all look "ghoulish".  We then jumped in the car and drove to above mentioned friends' house, and proceeded to paint other kids faces and carve a pumpkin face?!?!

Yes, it was lovely to see the kids so excited and dressed up amusingly.  Yes, it was lovely to see the smiles in their eyes when people opened their doors and actually showed some excitement towards them.  But no, it still is not my thing!

I'm not usually sucked in by the kids - but tonight, they won hands down!

Excitment +

See that masterful Pumpkin Face?!?!?

Tired little Fairy Witch!

Do you suffer from parental guilt?  Do you "like" Halloween??

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