Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting 2013 with a Bang.......or Pox

I am writing this post 15 hours in to 2013. And am realising that the universe must think I need some lessons.  Two days ago, Cadyn showed me what I thought was a sandfly bite on his chest. Yesterday he asked if it was a pimple on his forehead? And this morning, after lying in bed trying to rationalise why I drank wine AND cider to bring in the new year, I started to do some maths and surprisingly came up with an answer. I dragged my sorry ass upstairs and asked Cadyn to lift his pyjama top up.......and there they were - a lovely little collection of red spots. Bless. My remarkable maths solving did not make my answer any easier to swallow - it was quite clear to me that the little man had chicken pox! 

You see, this is where Murphy's law kicks in......only only New Years Day, only whilst on holidays and only whilst holidaying in a little town 45 minutes from Launceston, Tasmania, would one of my children get chicken pox. And to top it all off - only the child who has actually been vaccinated would get it!

So four hours of today has been spent driving to and from the "city" to try and find a chemist. Not only did we NOT find a chemist, we also did not find much else! Oh, apart from a gaggle of tourists all looking for somewhere to have lunch. And given we'd already dined in their "food hall" yesterday, and dropped a whole days budget doing so, we opted for the ONE bakery cafe we found! Thankfully yummy....

An hour later we arrived back to the house and found four very happy (albeit one a little spotty) kids, watching a movie with their Pop and Shaz. The Calamine lotion I found at Woolworths (who knew?) was swiftly applied amongst cried of "it's cold!", and I was quietly astounded at how quickly those pox spread......

Here in lies my first lesson for 2013 - PATIENCE.  My next task is to try and contain the pox to one child only! The 14 year old had it ten years ago, but the thought of the two girls with a bout of it gives ME hives!

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