Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stash #3

I have been just a tad bit naughty this past week, and have spent money on fabric that I really just didn't "need".  Plus, I also spent money on fabric that I did in fact "need".  Here are just some of them.......I can't show you the two other parcels, because they're somewhere in transit - I believe Ohio and Las Angeles...... Ahemmmm......

Anyway, back to my local purchases.  This Thursday just passed was in fact "Visit your LQS day" (local quilt shop for those non-sewers amongst us).  So after I'd spent 20 minutes in the car, 35 minutes at the school text book store and another five minutes on my phone googling, I found a not-local-to-me store in Mt Waverley.  I decided to pay it a visit!

I wandered in to Somerset Patchwork & Quilting having no idea what to expect.  What I found was a gorgeous store that specialises in vintage and reproduction prints.  Not really my cup of tea, nor taste in fabric, but it was beautiful none-the-less!  Had a lovely chat to one of the staff and then found a couple of lovely prints in their sale stock.  Got me some more Valori Wells to add to my collection as well as a cute little butterfly print.

Got back in my car and nearly died from the sauna it had become.  Nobody told visit your quilt store day that it would in fact be 35+ degrees......  Headed back towards home and remembered the little quilt store that I drive past daily and had NEVER entered.  So I pulled in and entered Under The Mulberry Tree in Ferntree Gully.  They had no idea it was such an auspicious day in the quilting world!  So I just browsed quietly myself and picked out a couple of prints.

Earlier in the week, I just happened to be passing Lincraft, and spotted these new additions to their quilting range......

The jewel tones grabbed me - and for some unknown reason - I needed them.  So I got them.  Cute yes?

I also "had" to go to Spotlight to get some of the Prima Homespun for the Bee I'm taking part "had" to go in to the quilting section.......which turned out to be a good thing, because I found the perfect fabric for binding on the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt I was making, and also found a gorgeous little ballet slipper print for $6 p/m, so grabbed some to throw in my stash.

Now, just to make sure my husband doesn't read this post.......

Have you made any good purchases lately?  Needs or wants??

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  1. I love that pink house print! So pretty!

    Yes, thank the Lord my husband and my parents don't read my blog! I would be in big trouble if they knew I'd rather support my habit than pay for piano lessons. We already pay for gymnastics for 3 kids and dance for 2 of them, plus sign language and voice lessons for the oldest, so my dad volunteered to pay for piano lessons for two of them. Thank you, Dad, now I still have a little spending money each month.

  2. wow, lots of goodies here. you took that visit day really seriously, lol. good for you! enjoy!

  3. We have only one LQS so two would be a treat. You have indulged this week. No need to do penance though.


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