Monday, April 29, 2013

Fab Friday Giveaway Winner!

Hello hello!  Remember that fab giveaway I posted about on Friday?  Well - we have a winner!

Glimma can be found with lots of other yummy fabrics at The Intrepid Thread!
Congratulations to #68 - Sowing Stitches!  

And here's a sneak peek for all of you following my Bloom Bloom Pow progress!

Can't help myself.... Have to get some #bloombloompow assembling done before dinner!!

One down.... Lots to go! #bloombloompow @freshlypieced
Half a bloom!
I will have a FULL update for you all on Wednesday - when it will hopefully all be pieced together!

That's all folks!  A quick post is a good post yes?

Have a fabulous week! xxx


Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment - I read each and every one of them! xx

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