Monday, April 1, 2013

She Rises Again.....

Approximately six weeks ago, our 11 year old cat disappeared....again. Usually, on the half a dozen or so occasions she has gone, she will reappear a week later, and all returns to normal. This time, we explained to the kids that Ruby had probably left for good, perhaps gone to find somewhere to die. And they were ok with that.

Fast forward to tonight, Easter Monday. We got home from a day at the football (where a whole team of cats destroyed my beloved hawks), ate some dinner and then were beyond astounded when chelsea opened the front door and proclaimed that Ruby had returned! This was greeted with calls of "what the?"

We have now re-named her. From this day forward, she shall now answer to "Jesus".

Ruby cat has risen again.... We have re-named her Jesus after this 6 week disappearing act! Quite fitting she turned up tonight! @gob79

And yes, I did have to ask my husband which day it was Jesus rose again, because I get my religious information mixed up! Lucky I'm married to a catholic school boy. Well, you know what I mean! 

Happy Easter everyone! 

Do you have cats? Do they disappear, only to rise again?

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