Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Stash #11 - I have a problem....

 You've probably already heard that right?  Well, I'm finally confessing to having a major problem with fabric.  Some may think the problem is that I have too much?  Others may think I don't have enough?  No, no - I'm running out of places to store my fabric!  You would think this would curb my fabric purchasing yes?  No.

I keep filling shopping carts of the online variety, but then remember that the international shipping rates have jumped considerably from the U.S. and I quickly empty the cart.  This makes me sad.  You see, fabric makes me happy.  There.  I said it.  Here is a very good example of how fabric fixes everything.....

Friday just gone, I had a funeral to attend.  It was for one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  I also had the great job of being a carer for her for many years, but her failing health got the better of her, and she passed away quite peacefully around ten days ago.  So Friday was a very big celebration of her life.  It was one of the most gorgeous funerals I have been to.  Her family did a fabulous job of sharing the joy that Tess brought in to the world, for all 49 years she was here.  But as you would know, no matter how wonderful a celebration some funerals can be - they are also incredibly hard to get through, and you feel like you've been through a marathon.

Sooooo, on our way to the wake, my passenger spotted a lovely patchwork shop........  I could probably end the story here, because you probably know how it goes?  I'll tell you anyway!  My passenger just happened to be the same fabric enabler I worked with on Easter weekend, so when she suggested we stop there on the way home, I did not protest.

Patchwork on Central Park is a gorgeous little shop with an amazing range of fabric.  They have an extensive range of Liberty prints (which are always unfortunately out of my budget), lots of organic and Japanese fabric, and two whole walls of big name prints.  I nearly hyperventilated when I saw the sign "50% off for 1m+".  I tried to rationalise that I really did not need more yardage of fabrics.  And started pawing through the fq basket.  That was when I found a LouLouThai fq.  The end was nigh........
I headed straight over to the 50%off shelves and hit the jackpot!  One metre of LouLou left!  Mine!  And then not far away found that gorgeous Tula Pink print!  If you look really close, you will see they are snails.  Here's the punch line - with 50% off, they were $8.25 a metre!  Bingo!  I also grabbed those cute little fq's and fat 8th's.  $27 all up!

Unfortunately there is a reason behind this store selling off all this fabric.  The lovely lady who served us said that the online fabric stores are killing their business.  Which I completely understand.  I really do wish that the import taxes were not so high for Aussies, so they could sell their fabrics at a much cheaper retail price.

Anyway, if you're in Malvern East, Melbourne - pop in and see them!
I took the kids away for a couple of days last week and returned to find this little parcel of Japanese goodness.  I purchased a scrap pack and some fat 8th's from Alyce over at Blossom Heart Quilts!
And today?  Well, I popped back in to Spotlight.  Stupid.  I only went to get some off white homespun.  You see, I've signed up to take part in my first Quilt Along.  It's the Bloom Bloom Pow! quilt along with Freshly Pieced.  I have been giving myself plenty of grief trying to decide which fabrics to use for the quilt, as I didn't have the money at the time to purchase the fabric packs Lee is using.  I've changed my mind several times, but "think" I'm going to use a couple of fq packs of Art Gallery fabrics.  Anyway, their background colour is off white, hence my trip.  Whilst standing at the counter (with the off white and four other bolts whoops) I thought I'd check if I needed anything else for the QAL.  Turns out Lee suggests using a 60 degree triangle ruler.  So I went and found one (25% off yeh!) and grabbed that too.  I seriously have no idea what to do with that baby - but am looking forward to learning something new!

And that is it.  Again.  The good news about this new problem I have?  Well, I think I'm going to destash a whole range of fabrics.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Those scrap packs look yummy! I love getting fabric in the mail, but I also love pawing through the fabric in the brick and mortars.. too bad that one is closing. :( It's looks so charming from the outside, too. You found a lot of great buys! (I obviously share your problem.hehe)

  2. I'm glad someone else fills up their online baskets with fabric only to empty them again!

  3. It's a very common problem I think! Great purchases :o)

  4. Great purchases at great prices. Shame about the reasoning. I buy local when I can but buying at double the original price just isn't on all the time. Especially not on a budget where I still have to rely on discounts, too. :-/

  5. I wish I had that ruler! I have never seen it at my local Joann's and I look every time...

    You don't have a problem, just a hobby!

  6. I don't know what it is but there is nothing better than strolling through a quilting fabric shop. I can easily spend over an hour and find it terribly hard to resist the wonderful fabrics ... I usually sneak those impulse purchases into the house and into my stash heehee!

  7. Yes buying in Australia is very expensive and actually few shops have the sorts of fabrics you can get online, I dont' really think the Modern quilting movement has hit Adelaide. Well there is one I can think of but it's miles away and so expensive...

  8. popping over from Sunday Stash report.. I got a new ruler to cut HST, actually I won it. I am waiting for my Japanese bundle too..

  9. I love reading your stash stories. :) I know I am not alone!

  10. Midgey you always get your fabric at a discount! Good for you. So sad to hear about Tessa but she made a huge impact for her 49 years.


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