Monday, August 26, 2013

In Real Life

Yesterday was a big day for me.  I met quilters.  In real life.  Not through a computer screen.  True!

Some time last year, my dear friend Gemma directed me to a Facebook group called "Quilt Club Australia" aka QCA.  It has been through this group that I have had possibly 100's of my quilting questions answered.  Where I have been able to show others interested obsessed with quilting, my progress - no matter how shaky, how hilarious or how triumphant my progress may have been!  I have been cheered on, encouraged and enabled to stretch my learning and grow my ability.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every single day, being part of such a wonderful group of women and men!  And yesterday, 14 Melbourne members got together to chat, swap ideas, gain inspiration and gather knowledge.  And about an hour in to our gathering - we partook in Show and Tell.

It is with much pleasure and jaw-dropping delight that I share just SOME of the amazing quilts that were brought along......

Christine and her paper pieced dragon wall hanging.

Lisa and her Great Barrier Reef quilt - created around souvenir tea towels from her visit to the iconic Australia destination.

Jodie and her memory quilt - Jodie has only been quilting for four weeks!

Sue's amazing quilt!!!  
I loved this quilt by Carol (who is hiding behind it!).  The brilliant prints just pop with the black background.

Norma's block of the month quilt.  Lots of appliqué!

Judith's beautiful Cathedral Windows.

Ummmm......this would be me.  I think I was pointing out my dodgy appliqué on the back of my Bloom Bloom Pow quilt!  

And this lovely lady?  This is my MUM!  Meg is a prolific machine embroidery freak!
If you stick around, I will be doing a whole blog post, very soon, about my Mum and her quilts :)

Moira's gorgeous jelly roll quilt.  Love the V & Co range!

Shirley and one of her many Convergence quilts.

Sarina and one of her stunning, bright quilts!

And our hostest with the mostest - Sharryn.  Such a gorgeous Owl quilt!  Thanks so much for opening up your home to us Sharryn!
I could have put up all 50 odd photos I took from yesterday, but I would have been here for days!  As beautiful as the photos are, they really just do not capture how much love and devotion has been put in to each and every creation that was shared.

The best thing that came from yesterday?  Well, I now have real life quilty friends!  Don't get me wrong - I LOVE all of my online quilty friends!  In fact, there are a bunch out there who know more about me than you would believe.  But to actually sit with a group of women, and be able to touch and look at their quilts, and ask them questions was really great.  We also learnt more about one another, about our families and where we come from.  I guess we can now put a story to the face we see on the computer screen.

I gather you can tell it was a fabulous day?  Lots of laughs, ooh'ing and ahh'ing.  And exchanging of gifts.  I ensured my gift did not get taken from me in the hilarious "kris kringle".  Apparently licking the back of a charm pack and then rubbing it on your behind kind of puts others off wanting it??  Remember that one!

So tell me - do you gather with quilty friends?


  1. We've had a few meetups of QCA members here in Adelaide too and I've enjoyed every one immensely (and this coming from a person who stays away from face to face quilt groups on purpose!) The difference is that you already feel you know the people before you meet them and even on the first meetup everyone was just chatting away as if we'd know each other forever. Being introduced to QCA certainly changed my life for the better, I think its the perfect quilting group for a modern lifestyle! To other members out there, if you get a chance to go to a meetup in your state go for it, or better yet why not organise one yourself?!

  2. Love the photos and it sounds like you had a lot of fun! I think we should also have one in Perth! Might have to organise it. x Janine Saggiori

  3. I am sure it will be the first of many wonderful afternoons you will share.

  4. I do and it's always a blast. No kids allowed, lol.

  5. I'm in an online "beehive" that has a yearly "swarm" in various parts of the USA, once we got as international as Canada. It is great to put faces to names, and the online chatter becomes more meaningful.

  6. What a great collection of quilters and quilts! I'd love to know more quilters in real life :)

  7. I'm one of the Adelaide QCA members and we've had great fun at our meetups, it's wonderful to meet other people who "get" what quilting is.

  8. That's such a lovely post :) I have a few sewing/crafty friends but not many real life quilty ones ... but we do try to get together and sew (drink wine) once in a while.

  9. It was a fantastic day, worth the trip to put faces to names, even though I recognized some who have their photos as their avatars. Bring on the next one!

  10. Getting together with quilty friends is just so inspiring. Anyone who doesn't know anybody who sews needs to do their best to find a group to meet with. Best suggestion is the Quilter's Guild - they can often direct you to a group somewhere near you. Also ask at the local quilt shop. They often have "sit and sew" days. You could also ask at the local church - they often have craft groups going. I wouldn't be without the wonderful friends I have made in my various groups over the years!

  11. Thanks, Melissa, for taking such fabulous photos. Yes, we had a terrific day - so relaxing, and great to meet everyone.
    Cheers, Lisa Smallridge (Sunset Seams).


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