Friday, October 4, 2013

T.G.I.F.F. - The Paper Pieced Edition!

You have probably noticed I am becoming a little enamoured with paper piecing?  It's yet another thing I thought I would NEVER partake in, and have somehow managed to become hooked on!  Same old story that keeps repeating itself around here.....

September's Queen Bee for our Wombat Stew group was Kristy.  She chose a garden theme, and left us to come up with some ideas if we so wished.  I immediately went to Pinterest and searched myself silly.  I came up with a few options, but settled on these gorgeous little bird houses!  You can find the pattern for them HERE.

Wombat Stew Birdhouse

Now, it's far from perfect!  I only realised after putting the whole thing together that the post on my small birdhouse is off centre.....but I'm just claiming it makes the birdhouse look like something my husband built!  If I'm to be completely honest - this pattern was a bit frustrating at times.  I think I'm so used to using Kristy's fabulous patterns, that this one just didn't come together as easily!

Wombat Stew Birdhouse

I did however have fun with fabric choices!  And managed to fussy cut a little birdy in to one of the nesting holes!

Wombat Stew Birdhouse

And this butterfly is just too cute!

The other project I'm posting about today, is my Cleo quilt.  It's started!  I posted last week, asking for your advice and suggestions on possible patterns I could use for this fabric range.  THANK YOU all so much for your fabulous feedback!  I have pinned many a new pattern for me to fall over, but would you believe I found the pattern I decided on by sheer accident?!?!

Yep, I just happened to see a quilt that Kristy was working on (You can see the finished quilt top HERE), and just KNEW it was what I wanted!  You know, when you just know???  Now, the plan was to make a queen size quilt, however I have re-evaluated that plan, due to the fact I would have to send it off to a quilter, and I have another plan for the quilting.  So I'm now thinking it will be a large throw size.  Maybe.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I have no idea what this will end up being!


Aren't they beautiful??  They won't be sewn together like this, aka chevron, but off-set.  They are paper pieced blocks - 8" finished size.  I've done 10 - only about 20 more to go!


I'm REALLY happy with them!

Now, down to the business of giving away a bag of scraps! tells me it should go to.........

#1 Comment - Sue!

What about oversized HST 8-10" finished, swoon also comes to mind, they are big blocks and you could tie together with a plain colour like pale grey or a pink.

A Swoon quilt in Cleo would be divine!  But, I've conquered the Swoon - so had to move on!  I will be sending you off an email asap for your postal address Sue!

Thanks again to everyone for their lovely comments!  I PROMISE I read them, but as I said the other day - I'm struggling with the whole replying thing due to school holidays and kids who actually want my attention!

I'm linking up with Paper Piecing Party & T.G.I.F.F. - You can too!

Paper Piecing Party


  1. Those bird houses are so adorable! Perfect garden themed block.

  2. Wow! That is an awesome paper pieced block :).

    Jenn at Mellycoddle

  3. I just did a none Kristy block too and found it frustrating ... I love the design you chose for your Cleo Quilt it's going to look amazing :)

  4. Love your bird houses.... my poles go crooked on the feeders all the time in real life! I think that makes it look realistic! Very fun and cute!
    BUT, you are right about being spoiled by using Kristy's patterns!!
    Your chevrons are pretty


  5. I adore those chevrons! I LOVE the fabric you have selected! it is just perfect for this pattern!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  6. I like the fabrics you chose for the bird houses. I agree the off center pole make it look hand made.

  7. your bird houses are so adorable! I keep thinking that I really need to take the plunge into paper piecing!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. I love that fabric!! what is it? And your first block is so cute :) TGIFF this month has to be actual quilt finishes to go in the prize draw - you've got 3 weeks to finish this off! :) Or something else... :)

  9. Love your bird houses! And your new quilt is looking stunning!

  10. gorgeous bird houses - so colourful :-)


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