Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Australian Bite!

Although I'm starting to feel like a Tourism Blog, when I share photos of our little corner of the world - You all love it!  So here I am again, after the most divine weekend spent down on The Great Ocean Road.  Lorne to be specific.  I'd only ever driven through this town, so was interested to see what was so special that my brother-in-law and his now wife decided to hold their wedding there - two and a half hours drive from home?

Let's see......

Lorne - Great Ocean Road

Could it be the coastline?  Well, yes!  The Great Ocean Road is one of the most iconic travelling routes in Victoria, and it is certainly worth the trip.  We arrived the day before the wedding and stayed in a gorgeous big house overlooking the ocean with some of my husband's family.


And on the big day, it was all systems GO to get this crowd sorted!  I had two flower girls hairstyles to sort, as well as my mother-in-law's make up and hair - and my own.  Was quite the effort!

Bridal Party - Lorne - Great Ocean Road

In what was the most gorgeous setting imaginable, we were thrilled to witness the "I do's" and the kids had a ball being a part of the wedding party.

Lorne - Great Ocean Road 

My littlest man did a fabulous job not losing the rings!

Lorne - Great Ocean Road 

But found the whole thing exhausting!

Lorne - Great Ocean Road 

And these two beauties did a great job too!

My Tall Son! 

This big kid?  Well, he was in charge of the music and was freaking out about stuffing it up - but he too got through unscathed.  When do they stop growing????


I think it's fair to say we were glad we booked the house a couple of extra days after the wedding.  This was the amazing view from the balcony.  It was very easy to relax.  And just over the road and down the hill was where the wedding ceremony was!


The boys got to fit in some fishing off the spectacular pier....


Whilst us girls watched (and I took a million photos), before I took them down to the beach for a swim. If you are ever travelling to Victoria, pencil in a few days to travel down this way, it truly is beautiful.

And last but not least - I finally got to hand over this quilt!  I was all "secret squirrel" about the intended recipients, because it was for the newly married couple!  Happy days!

In The Right Direction

Have no fear - I'll be back to my usual schedule tomorrow - with some DIVINE Wee Wander cushions I whipped up today!  


  1. Oh wow, you Look so beautiful, such a gorgeous Dress. And what a lovely present for the new couple!

  2. What an absolutely handsome family! What a spot for a wedding. Love the quilt that you made.

  3. It all looks wonderful. Beautiful quilt too. I must admit I'm a bit partial to the 'other side' - mornington peninsula.

  4. looks like it was a fun family get away! so fun to make some happy memories and have such pretty photos to look back at. You have a gorgeous family!! (and your ring cushion looks as lovely in use as it did when you made it!!)

  5. Lovely photos Melissa. Looks like it was a beautiful day.

  6. The Great Ocean Road is spectacular. We had a holiday one year - drove straight to Melb (to see rels & friends) then the GOR, then inland through the Pyranees, Bendigo, Wagga & home. It was a great holiday with loads of lovely places. You all look lovely in your wedding finery Melissa

  7. Beautiful holiday! Love your dress too! We have a wedding to go to in a few weeks and I have no idea what to wear! Argh!!

  8. Loving hearing about your travels as we are heading to Vic for a 3 week driving holiday. getting some great ideas.


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