Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Stash - The Great Destash Edition!

So unless you were living under a rock (or not on Instagram) you would know that a fabulous phenomenon swept fabric hoarders around the world a few weeks ago.  Someone fabric savvy decided to use the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash and told everyone to go forth and cull.  To date, there are over 10,000 destash posts on IG!  I only had one target on my list - Terrain!  I put a call out on IG, telling peeps what I was looking for, and then started receiving tags alerting me to its whereabouts!  I happily nabbed one bundle from a lovely gal in the USA.

And this my friends, rounds out my #terrain collection! And also is the first arrival from the fabric destash.

Mmmmmmm, orange Terrain!

Approximately one week later, the gorgeous Penny Poppleton decided us Aussies needed to create our own action - given the postage rates are ludicrous to get our fabric across the ocean.  When she put the call out for destashers, I was horrified - I was away at the beach!  It didn't stop me from participating though!

I've taken to sitting beside the road to check all things internet. Lovely view and a friendly reminder by the neighbour of which country I'm in!
I took to sitting on the side of the road outside our holiday house (the best place for reception!), madly checking and rechecking the hastag #greataussiedestash And I struck the jackpot on several occasions.....  As you will see, I came up with a few new targets......
My first 2 packages arrived from #greataussiedestash and they are fabulous!
Exhibit A. Half a yard of Far Far Away, a fat 8th bundle of Comma, a little fat quarter bundle of Type, some Sketch and Crosshatch half yards, and some divine little scraps!
Another parcel waiting for me when I got home! Thanks @hellofromcat for goodies from #greataussiedestash xxx
Exhibit B. Some Amy, Heather and Aneela.  Oh and a cute card from Cat!
More happy mail!! #greataussiedestash
Exhibit C.  More divine Heather with a sprinkling of Anna Maria.
It would be VERY fair to say that I am more than ok with the data quota on my phone bill going a little over for January!  And it would also be fair to say I now have a new fabric collection happening......  Welcome Heather Ross.

So that's this week's incoming fabric.  I honestly cannot remember if I have any more parcels from the destash yet to arrive.  But I will say that I cleared out a bit myself!  So thank you to the lovelies who chose to purchase the fabric on my shelves that needed a new home!

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  1. Some Awesome destashing in Australia! Everything looks delicious.

  2. Great stuff! I - sadly - am 10 years behind the times and do not own a smart phone, so I have missed out on the great destash happenings. Maybe someday...

    1. Me too unfortunately - I'm sure postage to NZ would have been ok.

  3. Okay, so in love with your stash!! LOVE! And yes, talking about the Amy Butler, too. Terrain is gorgeous!

  4. And here we thought IG was just for pretty pictures! You did some major work to grab all those fab pieces!

  5. is all so lovely! Sounds like the perfect vacation to me = }.


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