Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Stash - It's Still Sunday Somewhere?

I'm late.  But not without good reason.  I spent all day yesterday in the middle of an apple orchard.  With 100's of motorbike riders.  Ahuh.  Make Sense?  No.

This is my day...... In an apple orchard in the middle of the Yarra valley surrounded by dirt bikes!
  My Lachlan has been riding motorbikes since he was about three.  And yesterday I took him up to the Yarra Valley (towing a trailer!!!) for a day of riding.  It was the first time I'd seen him ride.

My dirt bike boy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having a heart attack....

Anyway, basically, I was too stuffed to get to this post last night!  So here I am....

I had a few new additions to my "stash" last week. A parcel that I had been patiently awaiting for a few weeks arrived, and I literally jumped up and down! You see, Maureen Cracknell shared that one of her favourite stores {Project Anthologies} was closing down, so I headed over to find an abundance of delights! And they were all very heavily discounted....

Super happy mail part one! Thank you to @maureencracknell for wording me up on Project Anthologies. What a beautiful store and shame they're closing
Half yards of Art Gallery and a couple of random prints I liked.
And part two!
And multiple yards of Lou Lou Thai, Lark and the last half yard of AMH butterflies......sigh.
I have no plans as such for any of them, I just liked them and bought. True. 
Took me a little trip down to #aurifil Australia for some re-stocking and friends orders. I showed some severe self-restraint!!
And I finally headed over to my Aurifil supplier to stock up on goodies!  Although they are only 25 minutes drive away, it's hard to find that some days!  Anyway, I wandered around the store drooling and picking out what I needed and wanted - the vibrant green there just jumped out at me and had to be bought, same with the coral - and also a bunch of threads for a couple of customers.  YES - I can supply you with Aurifil!  I am very slack and still have not yet got a website sorted out for people to order from, however, if you are after Aurifil thread and don't have a supplier, then please feel free to contact me and I can get you sorted!  I can post Australia wide or if you're local, you can pop in and collect.
I'm linking up - You can too! 

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  1. That bundle up top is quite lovely! The one on the left especially is my favourite. (Love me some blues, though!)

  2. I'd love some of that AMH butterflies! The majority of the my stash is bought with nothing specific in mind. I haven't used Aurifil before, but on the last quilt I quilted I used Wonderfil, which presumably is a similar thing - 100% Egyptian cotton, it was fantastic. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I saw that first pic and said outloud: "Ooh, pretty!" as I tried to pet your fabric through the screen. Seriously, that just happened. Anyway...I love your haul. You got all my favorite A's...Arg Gallery, AMH and Aurifil.


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