Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Stash & A Big Announcement!

Anzac Day this year brought another round of the #greataussiedestash on Instagram!  I promised myself I wouldn't look.  In fact, I left my phone in another room on purpose for most of the day!  On the first occasion I picked said phone up and clicked on IG, I happened upon the fabric grab of the century!

OMG..... just got my amazing bundle from @bertie16 from the #greataussiedestash I am so in love! #heatherrossquiltincoming

This original bundle of Far Far Away by Heather Ross was staring at me and within seconds I had laid my claim!  Wanna know how amazing this deal was?  13 x fat quarters in linen for.......  $40!?!?!?!?  Arm. Twisted.

The second time I clicked on IG, a big bundle of Art Gallery happiness was awaiting me.  Ok then.

Eeeeeekkkkk! My second and last purchase from #greataussiedestash @artgalleryfabrics heaven!!

SHOCKING photo via IG, but alas, it's Mother's Day and I can't be stuffed taking another!  All up, nine yards of Bohemian Soul.  Seriously divine!  Please google for the yummy colours!

Now - on to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!


Any Kate Spain lovers in Australia?  If you follow Quilts From My Crayon Box, you would know she just ran her second Kate Spain Charm Swap recently!  I really wanted to join in the fun, but being in Australia makes swaps like that just a little bit pricey.  So I came to the conclusion I should just pull my finger out and organise one for all us Aussies (& Kiwis)!

I'm still getting all the details together, and will have a blog post up in the next week with ALL the finer details and sign ups.  So - spread the word and get excited!  I know I am!

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  1. Yes please, looking forward to it.
    Kate is my favourite designer, I have some but not all her lines in precuts and really don't know what to do with them

  2. How awesome is that Heather Ross bundle! Definitely cant say no to that

  3. YES YES YES YES KATE SPAIN SWAP YES. I saw your comment about it on FB and hoped you'd be putting it together!! :D SO EXCITED.

    You don't even have to look at the destash links on instagram to get sucked in! :( I purchased a layer cake of Fandango, along with 3 different yard cuts of Fandango because one of the people I follow posted it for the destash.. I wasn't even looking for destash sales!! But I could not say no to that (but unfortunately was international so shipping was pricey as usual) but still. Older Kate Spain fabric? YES PLEASE.

    So excited about all this Kate Spain going on lol!

  4. Oh Ms Midge!
    You are The Devil . .

  5. It told my husband the day before Anzac that I wouldn't buy anything, wasn't in need of looking at the destash. I actually did mean it. Well, I happened to look at Instagram and before I knew it I had purchased some lovely finds! I am interested in the Kate Spain swap, but want to know how one works before I commit. I love her stuff and have a fair bit of her fabrics!

  6. Love Kate Spain fabric - best of luck with the swap! Too far to join in but love the idea!

  7. Yum Yum fabrics, the Far Far Away was an amazing steal! And that is too funny I just decided to start hosting my own charm swaps in Europe for the same reason, the cost is crazy to ship to the States and then you have to have it shipped back.


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