Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Stash & Dash - Finders Keepers

Tonight's stash & dash is brought to you by:

My #c4ac fabric arrived yesterday!  #shinyandsparkly 

A little bundle of Hollywood Sparkle by Riley Blake.  This parcel arrived thanks to and will be made in to a couple of yummy cushions as part of my collaboration for the annual "Collaborate For A Cause" Auction on Facebook!

This year, I've teamed up with Lil' Miss, Bubby and Me & Chlothes Line.  We are aiming for a super sparkly and fantabulous collaboration that will hopefully raise lots of money for our chosen charity - St Kilda Mums.

Found this week - a random charm park of Vintage Modern! WHATTTTT?????  See, part of this week's dash is discussing what we don't know we have in our stashes.  In this case, it was not unused for long, and was swiftly made in to 84 HST's.......

84 hst's ready to use! 

And today, became this......

I don't think I've made anything so freakin pretty!?

Oh my gosh.  I am SOOO in love with this little quilt top!  I rang my trusty Mum for instructions to make the little "peep" border between the white borders.  I'd seen her use them on numerous quilts, and thought it would be perfect for this one.  CORRECT!  I'll share with you this week some time exactly how it's done.

The other great find I didn't know I had.....

I spent some time yesterday worrying about my perceived lack of low volume fabrics, given how much I'll need for my #modernmedallion quilt. Ummmm..... 10 minutes in the stash produced these. .... do you think I'll be right @2littleausbirds lol. #thankgodf

In preparation for the Modern Medallion quilt along, I started stewing last night that I wouldn't have enough low volume fabrics, and started trawling online fabric stores for bundles.  But this morning, I decided to shuffle through my stash.  And out popped these 37 - THIRTY FREAKIN SEVEN - fat quarters of low volume perfection!  Who knew?  Not me - obviously!  A good deal of them are from my much coveted Architextures and Botanics bundles.  This is going to be one very special quilt!  

Lastly - THERE IS ONE SPOT LEFT IN THE KATE SPAIN AUSSIE CHARM SWAP!  I REPEAT - ONE SPOT LEFT!  Feel free to contact me if you want it!

And that's it.  I've just returned from serving dinner to a million people at the footy club, and now need to sit on my butt and watch "The Voice" to recover.  Peace out.

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  1. That quilt made from the charms is really lovely! Such a sweet little quilt.

  2. Oh My, should I come over and help you sort through your stash, it seems you have lost and re-found some things, need any help? I love the quilt and look forward to hearing about how to make the "peep" border.

  3. Love the two pinwheels in the quilt top - such a fun little surprise. And I think your stash lives in the magic cupboard with mine. I find stuff all the time I swear I didn't buy, but there it is! :D

  4. What a lovely Quilt and you are right - The border is just perfect! Enjoy your time out Barbara

  5. Love those pinwheels in your Vintage Modern top! Must add that to my list of ideas!


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