Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Stash & Dash - AMH

My addiction to all things AMH has picked up pace this year.  I have been ordering 1/4 yards here and there when I find some Innocent Crush in a store.  I've been gifted some charm squares including Folk Tale from a lovely IG friend and well, just a couple of weeks ago, I decided I would use some of the money I made from my last quilt sale to just jump right in....

Oohoohooh look what just arrived @acraftyfox_amanda Who wants to see? !?#westwoodacres

This bundle of happiness arrived with perfect timing on Wednesday morning.  Three fat 1/8th bundles from Westwood Acres.

And just like that. .i have 3 complete @annamariahorner lines! #prettypotent #dowry #handdrawngarden sooooo excited! !

Dowry, Hand Drawn Garden and the new Pretty Potent.  I have to tell you - arranging these beauties like so was a pleasure.  Simply divine.  Their perfect arrival meant I could cut straight in to them!  I had 80 drunk geese to make, and they were all made that day!

Trying to choose two fabrics for the next two borders? ! #whydoesitallhavetobesopretty #modernmedallion #amh @annamariahorner

And on Thursday, I had to choose fabrics for my curved borders.  I turned the decision over to my IG folk after I pulled out all yardage of AMH I had on my shelves.  (There were a few more prints, but they weren't in the running).

AMH Borders

And these were the most popular (and my) choices.  This Modern Medallion quilt is beyond yummy.  It it shaping up to be in the running for my all time favourite quilt - and has already won my husband's heart.  Although Andrew always says my quilts are great - I got actual sentences out of him the other day upon showing him progress.  "That's more modern, I like that style better".  Ok then!

My low volume stash is taking a massive hit through this quilt's construction, but I am every so grateful right now for my ahemmmm addiction to fabric purchasing.

I'm linking up - You can too!

Molli Sparkles

FYI - The Modern Medallion Quilt pattern is now available for instant download purchase HERE.  Go get yours so you can join in the quilt along fun in June!


  1. I'm stashing some AMH fabrics too! Your medallion quilt is looking fab! I've loved watching it grow on IG :)

  2. You can never have enough AMH can you? From what I have seen Pretty Potent looks like it could be her best line yet. I have to order some! Your medallion is beautiful.

  3. I agree - your medallion quilt is looking amazing. I have some AMH fabric stashed too - just waiting on an idea for a pattern, and some time!

  4. Love seeing the package, what a fantastic mail day that was! The quilt is looking AMAZING, pretty, pretty, pretty!

  5. Amazing stash and gorgeous quilt, Midge!


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