Monday, July 19, 2010


Almost one week ago, I took Chelsea out for the evening for what I thought would be a little concert that would provide a bit of entertainment. Boy, was I mistaken. From the moment we stepped in to our local church, I could see this was more than just a "little concert". Where did we go? Who did we see? Well, it was a beautiful group of children, who form the "Watoto Children's Choir". I had heard of them before, but I really did not expect the kind of performance we got.

Who are they? These amazingly beautiful and gifted children are from Uganda. They have all been orphaned through very tragic circumstances - some have lost their parents to the HIV epidemic in Africa, others through the war that has raged in their country for many years. What they have in common is that they have all been taken in by the Watoto foundation, which is a christian based charity that has built a community like orphanage in different parts of the country, giving these children a home, education and most of all, family and happiness.

I cannot express how much their beautiful stories and song touched me. At times I had tears in my eyes, and for most of the evening, goose bumps. Chelsea thoroughly enjoyed herself, especially since singing and dancing are her two favourite things to do! I returned home afterwards feeling uplifted and joyous. But the best thing I got from my evening was an enormous sense of gratitude. It made me ever so grateful for all of the positive aspects of my life.

In the week that has passed, I have decided I will start my own "gratitude journal". Yet again, this is something that my dear friend Oprah (!) talked about quite a lot, many years ago. But I don't believe I have ever thought too much about doing it until now. I had a lovely conversation with a friend this morning who told me I should focus on the positive things, so it has spurred me on.

The aim of my gratitude journal is to sign in to my blog each evening and jot down the three things that I am most grateful for that day. What am I hoping to gain from this exercise? Well, I just want to be able to focus on those positives in my life. To make a conscious effort to thank the "powers that be" for the wonderful things that come in to my world on a daily basis. My goal? 30 days of gratefulness in words, which will hopefully lead to a daily gratefulness within! Go on....join me!

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