Monday, July 26, 2010

To be Grateful - Day eight

Stunning Winter's day here in Melbourne today! The warm sun on the way to school pick up was such a welcome change.....but I am not counting my proverbial chickens, because I'm sure the hail and fog will kick back in shortly!

I must say, this gratitude journal is working wonders. There are many times during the day where I am literally saying to myself "gee, I'm really grateful for that!" It's a very small but significant change to one's every day thinking. I highly recommend it!

The top three highlights of my gratitude today are:

1. My baby girl Chloe is already showing empathy. She was sharing a bath with Cadyn when he hit his head on the tap and started crying and being dramatic....she got a very concerned look on her little face and lent over and kissed him better. Such small acts of kindness in a toddler is just so beautiful, and it made me grateful that all of my children are learning such wonderful life tools.

2. I am grateful I was able to get Chloe in to the creche at gym this morning. I have not been for a couple of weeks, and getting back on the treadmill was energising. I know it's a proven fact that exercise is great for the body, but I truly think it is equally as great for the mind and soul.

3. I am grateful I have friends in my life who are honest and like-minded. Being able to just "tell it how it is" and not be judged is a wonderful gift. And having people who really just "get you" is lovely.

That's it for this evening! Andrew is on his way home from four long days of university, so I am looking forward to just sitting on the couch and doing nothing!

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