Thursday, July 22, 2010

To be Grateful - Day Four

I started off my day today by telling myself it would be two steps forward and hopefully none back.....and I must say - it worked! I spent some time with a lovely lady who helped me to understand a few things I had, up until today, been trying to work out myself. It confirmed to me that I was on the right track and to keep believing in the power of positive thinking!

Today I feel grateful for a whole lot of things, but these three will be part of my gratitude journal for this evening:

1. I feel grateful that I took the time to sit down with Chelsea and explain why I am so hard on her in terms of keeping her bedroom clean and tidy. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but she ended up in tears because I am constantly on at her about the state of her bedroom. So I took a few minutes to sit with her and explain that part of my job as a parent, was to help her to grow up to be a responsible and good adult, and part of that was to teach her to keep her things clean and tidy. It made me feel so much better than the usual yelling and frustration, and the beautiful hug I got at the end of our chat was priceless.

2. I am grateful I didn't risk my sanity by going early to the Target (department store) toy sale this morning! Instead, I leisurely wandered through the store at midday, looking for two items in their catalogue. And you know what? They were already sold out! So to add to that, I am also grateful that I didn't feel upset at that fact, and continued wandering around the shopping centre (by myself!) for a little longer, enjoying the time alone.

3. I am grateful that I was able to sit down in the food court for lunch with my husband and daughter. I looked and felt like crap, but it didn't matter. It was just nice to have some "down-time", albeit over an average meal of indian!

I have picked up "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" again, and continued reading the little verses. So today's quote is the title of one of those little gems: "Ask yourself the question, "will this matter a year from now?"" I think this is a brilliant little sentence, and will hopefully remember to use it when it is needed!

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