Thursday, August 18, 2011

Late nights....not condusive to good blog posts

As usual, I have decided that 10.30pm is the most appropriate time to start browsing my favourite Blogs. And now I'm still sitting here with heavy eyes and tapping away on my keyboard. But I thought I best explain something new on my Blog. I have just installed "Link Within".....which you will now see underneath my Blog posts. It will suggest you "May like" some other blog posts. I always wondered how other blogs had this feature? I have Ms Eden over at Edenland to thank for tonight's late night activity. Although, I have just viewed my blog, and realised it is suggesting you go and look at some rather dodgy looking blogs! But I have been told (by the blogger powers that be) "rest assured the quality of the suggested links will get better once we have trawled through your posts".....Hmmmmm, or maybe they won't! Hahahhaha......
That would be it for tonight, except I have to share a little bit of disappointment. I accidentally stumbled upon another FB page making handmade products - using the same friggin fabric as I am!!!! Somehow I thought that because the fabric I bought was not sold in Australia yet, that I would be the only one using it! Ahhhh, so naive! Anywho, her page is lovely, but she has very different style to me, so all is good in the world again.
And now, good night.

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