Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spring Birds Collection - started!

Well, I did it! After staring at the most divine fabrics, that I finally received in the post, this afternoon I took the plunge and put the scissors to work! It was almost like I was scared to cut it, afraid that I would regret my choice of size or style to make? But, it's done......my little collection has sprung to life! Albeit a couple of frocks at a time..

Never before have I fallen in love with fabric. When the parcel arrived, I opened it like a Christmas present. Out came two lovely little packages, gently wrapped in tissue paper and purple ribbon. A beautiful little hand-written card accompanied my purchase, which I thought was a lovely touch. When the tissue broke (ok, I ripped it) open, the feel of these beautiful cottons was heaven. So delicate and soft - beautiful. I couldn't have been happier!
So here are a few pics I have taken of the two little dresses I managed to finish today - at the same time as swinging my three year old upside down - just cos she asked me to, tackling a few household chores, and the craziness that was my afternoon with an extra little boy added for my entertainment. I really amazed sometimes at what can be achieved when you set your mind to it - or alternatively, put blinkers and ear phones on.

I hope you love my little creations as much as I do!
Oh - P.S. - I got accepted as a stall-holder at a beautiful Hand-made Market here in Melbourne! Today was as good as days can get!

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