Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fear creeping in..

The thing that has always stopped me from moving forward with something, anything that I have wanted in my life, is FEAR. Fear of the unknown, failure, not being liked, upsetting others, rejection and things just not going the way I planned.

This week, when I received my new logo, my new labels, and awaiting my new fabric - I am now trying very hard not to allow fear to creep in. For all of the above reasons. I keep telling myself that I don't want my little "business venture" to get too big, that I'm happy for it to continue being my hobby, that happens to bring in some cash. But realistically, I think I am telling myself that so that I will not be disappointed if it does not become some booming enterprise. Self protection mode kicking in.

I really, really want my hobby to become something that I can share with loads of other people, not just family and friends. I was thrilled last week to receive an order from a lady I did not know, who was happy to pay up front for a little girl's frock, that I hadn't even received the fabric for yet! But equally as frustrated when I realised the fabric she had opted for would not be in my order from the States...... Doubts about whether I was really cut out for customer service started to surface. However, this lovely lady seems to be OK with my explanation and I did offer her a full refund (which she has not yet accepted, so who knows?).

I love, love, love my "real job" - as a disability carer. But I really am past working weekends and shift work, and want to find an alternative so that I can make ALL the kid's football and basketball games, and ALL of their friend's birthday parties......ok, well maybe not all of the parties - some I am quite happy to drop them off to!

What has helped you to get past the FEAR in your life's ambitions?

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