Friday, April 20, 2012


Three years ago, my darling husband surprised shocked me with an early birthday present!  He came home from work and was all like "Hey honey, I have to give you your present early" and I was all like "No, I don't want it early, I don't like early birthday presents!" and he was like "Tough shit, you have to have it early!"......  So I reluctantly closed my eyes and held out my hands, and nearly fell over when I opened them to find a teeny tiny little puppy dog.  And of course I fell madly in love with him - momentarily.  I was torn.  How can you not fall in love with a puppy dog?  EVERYONE loves puppies yes??  SO I loved this puppy dog (whom I named Hamish), until about 2am when he wouldn't stop frickin howling!!!  And then reality set in.  I had three children who were four years or older.....and an eight month old baby.  And a puppy.  Shit.

It took me a few days, but I had to come clean with the husband.  I was not a happy camper.  Not only was I busily trying to care for four children, I also had to deal with a little puppy.  He said it came with a seven day full money back return policy.  I looked at him strangely and asked how were we going to explain to the kids "Sorry you loved that little dog, but we took him back to the shop"??  Nope, I just made him promise me he would NEVER EVER buy me a pet for my birthday EVER again!

Fast forward to today..................

This is how this evening at our home panned out

Yep - we are now officially classed as a Menagerie!!!

Two weeks ago, Andrew took the kids to a pet shop.  Chelsea begged and pleaded for a kitten.  I said NO F***ING WAY!!!  She has since fed all of our menagerie every single night.  Kind of trying to prove that she could look after another bloody animal.

To say Chelsea was thrilled would be an understatement.  To say she will be getting off easily would also be an understatement.  Within minutes of her exciting surprise, I had read her the "riot act" and told her under no circumstances will I ever be doing anything for this pussy cat's upkeep!  It was all up to her.  She has agreed enthusiastically.  And she was also fine when I joked about how she would be getting no presents on her actual birthday!  

Why oh why?  I'm a bloody pushover!  We I now have a husband, four children, two dogs, a guinea pig, a cat who really isn't a cat and a kitten!  Enough already!!!

Now - if I could only find this little kitten + dark spaces under lounges = hard to find.  Glow sticks on the agenda for tomorrow.....

Are you a sucker for punishment?


  1. perhaps, maybe, I convinced hubby that another dog would be nice... So, the night we came home from our Easter holidays a week and a bit ago, I picked up my staffy pup.
    Yep, I've had 2nd thoughts every time I've listened to her howl in the night, wiped up the million puddles adn other deposits, and chased after every thing she chews.
    My 2 cats have practically disowned me, they only come inside to eat. The older dog gets snappy when she has had enough (which I expected) but they are getting better now that the pup has learnt to give her a break.
    Lucky she's sooo cute, adorable, and generally well behaved.

    (so thats, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 7 fish that live here along with hubby adn I, and 2 kids)

  2. Oh, you are so funny! We just adopted a cat recently and I had that warm feeling for about 3 days until she tore up all the carpet upstairs near the doorways. I feel like they should post a sign next to animals for adoption that says "Please adopt me if you want your couch torn to shreds and your dining room rug pooped on." That would be a little more realistic. But I do love her, so she's staying. We're just never getting new carpet until the kids are grown and the cats gone.

    1. Yep, the kitten wee'd on our bed this morning....making herself at home!


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