Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being Blonde AND Brainy

I'm really amused and annoyed at myself right now!  I've just returned home from dropping Lochie off at basketball training.  And whilst that in itself was enough to have me in tears - I mean, really, when did my little boy turn in to a tallish, lankyish version of his old self?  I jumped in the car to return home to be greeted with a little red light, a beeping noise and my the car's temperature gauge almost bursting out of the dashboard!  Hmmmmm.  Whilst panic was setting in, I rang my husband.  Why? Not because I thought he could fix it (we are both mechanically challenged) but because I was worried I would konk out somewhere.  He was still at work on the other side of the city, and the two middle kids were at home whilst I made the ten minute return trip to the basketball stadium!!

About that time I had to make a choice.  Do I continue home in the hope I make it?  Or do I pull in to the service station to see what the problem was scratch my head and vacantly look under my bonnet?  I chose the second option.

Now I know this much about cars - they have a radiator.  Said radiator should be full of water.  Said car should be serviced at regular intervals so that mechanically minded employee can ensure it has water.  Let's just was not full, because it hasn't been serviced in quite some time.  Whoops.

Whilst I stood there looking at empty radiator water container thingy, I remembered you should not open a radiator cap thing whilst they are hot.  So I stared a bit longer before a fellow who looked like he may vaguely know what he is doing pulled up next to me.  And I did what any blonde woman with a small child in their car would do, when they have no idea what to do.  I said:

"Excuse me?  I have a dumb blonde question: If the light is flashing and beeping and the temperature is super hot does that mean my radiator is empty?"

As I started speaking, I wanted to slap myself!  This lovely gentleman made light of my dumb blonde reference and was actually impressed amused that I even knew what a radiator was.

Thankfully, he took over the situation.  Got some big piece of rag type fabric from his van (do all middle aged men carry rags in their cars!?!) and calmly opened the radiator cap which was by this time a steaming furnace.  TWO BIG WATERING CANS later - and my radiator was full again!  She was bone dry.  Again - whoops.

Sooooo........the next dilemma.  Do I take my delightful 1999 Ford Station Wagon to be serviced and pay what will probably be a small fortune?  Or do I take the small fortune and trade her in for a later model baby?  Decisions, decisions.

Do you make jokes on your own behalf when you're feeling a bit silly and awkward?  

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  1. I am finally NOT on my ipad so hopefully you'll actually see this comment LOL..
    I am trying to be serious for a sec & give advice but I'm a little busy pissing myself laughing omg such a funny post Ms Midge!!
    My hubby is at this present moment under our own car (the Tarago) changing over a water pump that he found was leaking.. hopefully we caught this early o/wise it might be a head gasket (I, being the passenger, noticed the car was getting hot on the way back from a holiday & we were 2 hours from home!!). We still drove it for another month or so after that, just kept filling the radiator every 15 minutes or so just incase : ) luckily looks like just the cost of a pump & 2 clips so far (cost $5.50 rather than $??? !)

    Are you leaking water underneath? ; )

    Do you know how long u were driving with a high temp? If it was only a short time u may not have done much damage at all.. could just be a pump, or a fan, or once it was just a radiator cap for us (that simple!).. even if it's a radiator u could still get a cheap re-co.

    Hopefully you have an honest mechanic (is there such a thing!!??).. or perhaps I could send hubby around once he's finished with our own car! Call him 2moz before midday if u want & he'd be happy to chat or even once u get the quote if u need help. BTW, i LOVE your labels.... car, children, WTF! lmao!
    vicki xxxx


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