Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm not Game

I have Cadyn home sick today, again.  Just like yesterday. And it's hard because although he's sick on the "inside" (he has crackly lungs) he's fine on the outside - so has continued with his usual routines.......

Putting his brand new footy boots on, and running up and down the hallway - on the floorboards.
Getting his cricket bat and swinging it like he's facing Shane Warne.
Asking me relentlessly to play games with him.

It took me an hour of "No, I'm  not playing games with you", to come up with a compromise.  I told him after lunch I would play A game with him.  BUT NOT MONOPOLY!  So I've spent the morning sewing,  then took him back to the Doctors.  He confidently said to me that when we returned home I was to make him lunch and then we were playing a game - of Guess Who?   So I confidently replied that "after lunch" meant some time between Midday and 6pm......

I don't know what it is.  Growing up, we didn't have board games.  We had Backgammon.  Not so popular amongst the kids.  My sister and I laugh about how much we wanted board games when we were kids, and now that we have kids ourselves - we are both "non-gamers".

My husband is a HUGE gamer.  He spends hours on various different on-line games, as well as PS3 and a variety of other mind-numbing activities.  I, on the other hand, have killed my Farmville plants, sent my Cityville town broke and ravaged with crime, and no doubt could never return to Yoville from fear of retribution from all of the virtual people I have left hanging in there.

My children know that puzzles are for Nanna to do with them.  My husband spent a couple of hours playing Monopoly with them a few weeks ago.  I sewed.

So it is with great pride I announce to you - 

I played ONE game of Guess Who? with Cadyn today!  

And he only had to wait until 1pm.....

Am I a bad Mother (again) or are there lots more of you non-gamers out there?


  1. I'm probably not so big on the board games (but my kids are younger) but I LOVE doing puzzles with my kids and I know that I would love playing Guess Who with them, I used to love playing that game at other people's houses as a kid LOL. You're not a bad Mum, we all have different strengths and interests. AND you're teaching him patience and how to compromise and negotiate ;) I hope he is better soon! I have 2 sickies too :(

    1. Must remember that - I am teaching lessons by not participating in games!! Thanks Gemma! We got home from being out to dinner earlier and he had a coughing fit and spewed his ice cream everywhere - delightful! I hope all the sick kids get better soon! Aghhhhh! x


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