Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend's End

 We have had a HUGE weekend here!  Cadyn has been sick for a few days, so in between doctor visits and cleaning up vomit, we've fit a fair bit in.  I worked yesterday then enjoyed a fabulous evening with friends to celebrate a 40th birthday.  And today started with Cadyn's first footy game of the year, a Purple Day Fundraiser at a friend's home where this gorgeous dress was auctioned off

Then, straight from the fundraiser to my gorgeous workmate's 40th birthday celebrations......which we could only stay at for 40 minutes before heading off to look at a house.   Yes, you heard correctly.  We went and looked at a house for sale......

You see, things are looking up in the world!  After ten years of just cruising by and making ends meet, we are finally getting somewhere in the finance department, and are coming to the point where we can start to realistically dream of buying our own house!  So today's journey was to a five bedroom house with a pool.  Kids were pumped.  But after wandering around the property (which was clearly owned by a family of smoking, over-excited decorators) we figured there was just too much to do.  Too much that we didn't rate.  But it was a good experience.  Tiny steps.....

The other thing that was exciting this weekend, was getting my hand on these beautiful prints

One of my gorgeous girlfriends has just started sewing again, for the first time since high school, and a few weeks ago she asked me where I buy my fabrics from.  I mentioned a few sites overseas she may be interested in, and a week or so later she told me she was placing an order - "Did I want anything?" Ummmmmmm - YEH!!  So these darling prints were delivered to her on Friday.  I have some more prints in the range arriving soon, from my lovely friend Jewel at The Intrepid Thread.  You should go and check out Jewel's gorgeous new website!

So now it's time to pack of our over-tired children - who clearly do not deal so well with SUPER late nights - and then I'm going to sit on the lounge and watch some tv.  Lovely.

What did your weekend treat you to?

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