Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today's post is brought to you by the letter C.  For CAT.  The same cat that just opened the bathroom door whilst I was sitting on the toilet.  Not only do I have to contend with children invading my privacy, I also have a cat who doesn't care..... It made me think of all the randomness I have come across today, whilst going about the million other things I accomplished.  Have you ever thought of all the things you have managed to get done in one day?  Write a list - it can be pretty impressive.

*  Whoever it was that invented the recorder....should have it shoved somewhere the sun doesn't shine.  Seriously.  Chelsea has waited oh so patiently to get to Grade 3, so that 1. She can join the choir and 2. She can play the recorder.  The singing I can deal with - she actually has a lovely voice and can belt out a tune no worries.  The recorder on the other hand has become one of the many banes of my existence.  If I hear "Hot Cross Buns" one more time, I could be put away for recorder snapping......and I don't mean taking a photo of it!

*  In keeping with family entertainment, apparently we have a tribe of show ponies.  This last week has brought many a show for our thorough enjoyment.  The build up to these "shows" is intense.  Andrew and I are given handmade tickets, and told to hold on to them for safe-keeping.  The rehearsals go for all of 20 minutes, and then it's SHOW TIME....

Watching 3 children bounce around a trampoline is highly entertaining, especially when the old "double bounce" comes in to play, and the 3 year old goes flying...

*  When Lochie was nine, he decided he wanted to move to Darwin with his Dad.  After much soul-searching, I let him go.  It was the longest two years of my life, and the months between school holidays would go so slowly, and the week he would fly in to spend with us would go ever so fast.  One of those visits, he took some chalk and did this, on the side of our garage....

Admittedly, I was a tad annoyed when I saw what he had done, but was smart enough not to wash it away.  Years later, it brings a smile to my face.  Especially now that he is a teenager and will probably never admit publicly to loving us all again.....

*  We have lived for the past few years with our hot and cold water tap backwards.  Everyone in this household is used to them.  It's only when we get visitors that we remember how backwards we are.  What is funnier is when it's your retired plumber Dad points it out......but doesn't change it over for you!

*  I live with a fanatical Hawks supporter.  Oh, and my husband.  I never thought anyone could be more sports mad than Andrew, but Cadyn has overtaken him, in leaps and bounds.  I have kept the walls in our back room in check for a few years.  But I know he's itching to fill all of them with paraphernalia.  Cadyn's bedroom walls - and windows - are plastered in posters, and given that when he can't find any footy or cricket on the television, he will watch (and commentate) darts - I don't think there's any hope for his future wife.....


*  This is something I've been working on for a special showcase over at Handmade Love.  Handmade Showcase is full of super talented people and the challenge is to all use the same collections of fabrics to come up with creations that the public can then go in to a ballot to purchase!  This gorgeous Vivienne skirt is now just waiting on a top half to compliment it.  I love it.

*  This used to be an office/dining room.  Now it's not.  Whoops.

*  I just overheard Cadyn ask Chelsea if she knew what a porn was?  Ummmmm........I froze and waited for the rest of the conversation.....turns out he was talking about chess club - PHEW!

What randomness have you come across lately?  Do you want to snap a recorder when you hear one?


  1. You just made me laugh, more than once!!! Very entertaining reading Midge.

    1. Thanks Hayley! Living in this family is rather entertaining most of the time x

  2. That was an excellent read Midge! So funny! And yes, I'd like to snap a recorder, too! LOL


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