Saturday, March 10, 2012


Eden has me thinking again - she wants WORDS.....

When I first read Eden's post this morning, the first word that came to me was CYNICAL.  Strange?  Well, back in 1990, my amazing English Literature teacher - Mrs Proctor - told me I was CYNICAL.  I was 15.  I can't even remember the context it was used in, but I do remember laughing it off....and then looking it up in the dictionary!

It also means one is sarcastic and mocking.  I'm guessing that was the point she was making? She was right.  But in saying that, she also helped to change me.  Because once I knew what CYNICAL meant, I made a conscious effort not to be so.  It's still one of my favourite words.  And I can pick a CYNIC a mile away.  It has paid off!  But I am still a work in progress.  I'm one of the most sarcastic biatches around!  But I'm also one of the most sentimental, soppy human beings you will meet.

So Eden - if it was open mic at a birthday party - I would more than likely get on stage and take the piss out of myself and anyone else I thought I could get away with, basically to mask the fact that I would be getting sentimental and trying not to cry (Yes, I know this, from first hand experience!).

And in my best CYNIC'S impersonation, I would think that all of the other speeches were bullshit!  Neigh.

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  1. *Neigh* - another slightly jaded and cynical madmother attempting to see the pink fluffiness in life!

  2. I prefer to call myself "discerning" (but who am I kidding? I'm really just a big, old cynic!!)

  3. I'm cynical with some things, but completely sincere with others. I like Ms Mandie's word 'discerning'... Put me down for discerning too.

  4. HAH! Oh I love this, very much.

    Thank you. I try not to be cynical too much but DAMN some people just ask for it. Heh.



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