Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

SO.... If you're on Facebook, and you're paying attention to the world, you may very well have stumbled across this.....

If you have seen it, but haven't watched the accompanying short film - do it! I literally finished watching it only ten minutes ago and because my darling husband is spending the evening on the iMac, and I felt the NEED to blog about this RIGHT NOW I have just put the Blogger App on the iPad so I wouldn't waste a minute! (Apologies if this looks terrible in blogger world!)

I URGE you to take 30 minutes out of your evening, day, life..... And fully take in the enormity of the film's content.

I am INCENSED. INFURIATED. But I also HOPEFUL. I am hoping that this uprising of voices can reach the goal. To bring to JUSTICE the animal at the centre of such denigration. Such hideous crimes upon such beautiful and innocent human beings. Just like you and I. Just like our children. It is beyond comprehension....

SO.... What I am hoping is that you will feel as uplifted by this film as I am. That you will sign the pledge and consider donating to the cause. Or at the very least - you will share the video on Facebook. Please..... And thank you!

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