Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 2 Challenge....Amongst other things

When I decided yesterday to jump in the deep end and take part in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, I really had no idea it would take me to such a place of frustration!  Yesterday, day one, piece of p*ss!  I tackled the Scooby Doo pj's with a flurry of excitement!  I decided not only to make them for my son, but for the two girls too, and am putting them away for Christmas.  So I finished the shorts of the pj's and will do the tops another day....

Apologies for the crappy photo!  It's almost 10pm and I couldn't be fagged finding my camera.....
I will also say that along with these three pairs of pj pants, was another five!  I had orders for Scooby pj's, so they got done in the line up too!   Psst......If you would like to order some for your own kids, there's still plenty of fabric available and the pj sets I make are HERE!

So in the excitement of getting Day One's project done, I decided last night to tackle a new pattern, that I could just whip together today.......fail.  I printed off the pattern and spent the following hour scratching my head trying to figure out how the hell it all went together....and eventually gave up and went to bed.  Cue 1pm today, when I got it out again and was determined to wrap my head around it.  Approximately one hour later I literally said to myself "I'm just going to wing it and see if it turns out"!  This is how far I've gotten....

SO far - SO good!  It's a new playsuit/romper pattern, and upon trying it on Chloe - it seems to be working!  Hooray!  I'll be finishing this baby off tomorrow.  It's a Christmas present for my gorgeous little niece.  What do you think so far??

In other Breaking News -

Me thinks these carrots are past their best by date?

I decided whilst watching X Factor last night that I need to grow my hair.  And given that my hairdresser appointment is next week, I paused and captured Nat's hair......that top pic shows she DOES indeed think!!!!

I've had a lovely day, with a couple of good news stories - but nothing I can share right now!  Let's just say things are looking up in the world!

Do your kids know who Scooby Doo is?  Do you take photos of hairstyles you like to take to your hairdresser?  Or am I strange??

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