Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 6 - With Added Boogie

The dancing kind of boogie - not the one you find up your nose!  Another Saturday night spent sitting at home, so why not put my thinking cap on and share some tunes?  I thought I would make it my Most Often Played list.  That is - what's been on repeat in my house lately!

I don't have this live version on iTunes, but this is the perfect version to show just how amazing Florence's voice is!  Nine year old Chelsea sits in front of the computer with her lyrics and belts it out over and over it.

So I'm going to see Coldplay in exactly one month's time!  Got the tickets months ago, and as it happens, they are playing on Lochie's 14th birthday, so I'm taking him!  But he doesn't know.....ssssshhhhhhhhh.  He's SOOO in to music and has been dying to go to a concert, so this will be his first ever.  I hope he's excited and thoroughly enjoys it.  And doesn't die of embarassment that his Mother will be rocking out next to him!  Love love love this song - I'm a bit partial to a bit of Rhianna.....

Just realised as I uploaded this that Guy will have scored two from two with my Boogie blog posts!  But what can I say?  I LOVE this song!  I LOVE the artist that he has become.  And I LOVE that he seems like a really nice guy!

Another song that gets a belting.  We were lucky enough to see The Temper Trap Live at the AFL grand final a few weeks ago - and they were UH-MAZING.  And just to add to the excitement of November - they are the support act for Coldplay.  Lucky me!

I only really got in to The Fray the last year or so, but LOVE them too!  This is one of my fav's of theirs.

Little White Dove

And just quickly - Day 6 of Kids Week Challenge....

A gorgeous Oliver + S bucket hat, made for a special little boy's 4th birthday tomorrow!  It's a free tutorial - so if you want to give a hat a go - head over HERE!

What's everyone else up to on this lazy Saturday night?  And what are you listening to over and over again lately??


  1. I don't think I'd heard many of those except for the Fray - thanks for helping mix up my Saturday. Nice to have you on board with the boogie once again xx


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