Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Night Boogey - The Wedding Edition

Little White Dove
Good evening!  I still feel like shit and have been plodding around home all day feeling sorry for myself.  I feel like I have run a marathon and each and every muscle in my body is aching because of it.  Unfortunately I do not run marathons, so cannot use that excuse.  It's a stoopid virus.  So, instead of being at work tonight as was scheduled, I'm surfing the net.  And I've just come across the Saturday Night Bloggers Boogey over at Little White Dove!  

Tonight, in my boogey debut, I bring you MY Wedding Edition.....

My now big boy Lochie walked me across the lawn to Andrew, at the tender age of 5, and gave me away!  All to the tunes of Fro-boy Guy.... Remember Australian Idol?

I actually heard this song on The Today Show one morning when they put on a whole wedding for a young couple on a boat!  Fell in love with it, so had it as one of the songs playing whilst we signed our marriage certificates.  Nice.

Our first dance.  Under a gorgeous white marquee with ivy and fairy lights, in our backyard.  I have the most beautiful photo from that dance.

I can't remember if this was actually played at our was New Year's Eve after all.  But - this song was HUGE when I first met Andrew and it was a bit of an awkward song to have playing loudly in the car, sitting next to a guy you'd just met!  Couldn't really sing out loud......

Look how young Joel and Benji are!!!  I still love this song, it was big in 2003 when we got married, and once again - the vodka haze doesn't help my memory - but I'm certain we would have rocked out to this tune too!

So there's my wedding tunes in a nutshell!  What I love most about these songs is that I do actually remember the three most important of them!!  And I love that Andrew and I chose all three for good reason.  An interesting but useless fact is that the song my ex-husband and I danced to at our wedding back in the 1990's was chosen spare of the moment because we basically had no "special" song of significance!  I can't even remember the name of it - was sort of a sign really wasn't it?

What were your wedding songs?  Or if you were to get married, which songs would you choose?


  1. It's a small world! Through high school I dated Joel and Benji's older brother Josh. He was my first real boyfriend. It is strange to see his brothers famous and in magazines. Their family (minus their dad) are really good people, especially their mom. She was so nice to me.

  2. I love seeing wedding editions pop up in the boogie, what a great mix! Thanks for joining in x

  3. I love your choices:) I'll let you know what ours are when we get off our lazy butts and get married;)


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